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What to do with Matt Moore, Aaron Rodgers in Week 8 fantasy football

One of the most anticipated games of the season lost its luster with Mahomes’ injury, and now it is on Moore to keep up the Chiefs fight when facing a Rodgers-led Packers.

Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers waits for the snap during a game against the Oakland Raiders at Lambeau Field on October 20, 2019 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

If you just woke up from a coma, welcome to a Patrick Mahomes-less world! It sucks, but it is the reality we’re facing at least for a week — or maybe not, depending on how crazy Andy Reid really is, who no one truly knows. Matt Moore is going to start for the Chiefs in Week 8 against the Packers and if his three-quarter performance backing up Mahomes last weekend tells us anything it is that he might be able to keep the Chiefs running. Moore is a 35-year-old veteran who has seen it all and was not expected to see anything more at the start of the season had Mahomes remained healthy. With the latter down, he stepped up and beat the Broncos in Week 7 passing for 117 yards on 10 completions and even scoring a touchdown. It was a nice story. And that’s it. Moore offers nothing in fantasy terms other than the fact that he will be a starting quarterback. The Chiefs have a plethora of playmakers on offense, but even with that you’d be playing the risky game of boom-or-bust with Moore, betting on any of the receivers going off and putting on massive efforts to elevate Moore’s value.

Aaron Rodgers might be a little bit safer play, though. Just maybe, you know what I mean? After starting the season with three rather bad games compared to what could be expected from him, Rodgers had a great performance against a bad Eagles defense and completed his “I’m Back” call this past weekend by hanging 429 yards and five touchdowns — plus an extra one rushing! — on the Raiders. Rodgers isn’t going to reach 400 yards per game. In fact, he’s only done so in nine games, but if he keeps getting better and more acclimated to the new Packers offense things will get better on average. If you want a more realistic picture of Rodgers, these are his averages per game from Weeks 1 to 6: 265 yards per game on 23 completions, and a 62.5% completion ratio. He’s already thrown for 13 touchdowns while being picked only twice and fumbled just two times. Sorry, Rodgers haters, but this guy keeps mashing.

Fantasy football analysis — Chiefs QB Matt Moore, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

I don’t think there is a lot to be said about Matt Moore. He is just a backup quarterback forced into the starter role when he wouldn’t have sniffed it under normal circumstances. If you play in a 48-team league, or have to start four quarterbacks, then maybe Moore makes sense to place in your lineup. If not, well, the Chiefs are going to Chief and you can expect at least a big play from someone, but it isn’t worth the risk.

The Packers take on a Kansas City team whose defense has been below-average at stopping quarterbacks all season long. They have limited QBs to under 200 yards just two times (Derek Carr still reached 198), and have surrendered a passing or rushing touchdown to the position in every game they played other than the last one. Their 22.5 points per game allowed to opposing quarterbacks currently rank 14th in the league. It is not that Rodgers is in the best possible situation this week, but pairing his talent with a not-so-good defense and the chance to win what would have been a tough game with Mahomes playing should have Rodgers completing a good game.

Start/Sit recommendation

Matt Moore: Sit
Aaron Rodgers: Start