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Jets-Dolphins continues the Toilet Bowl trilogy

Enjoy some awful football this Sunday.

Toilet sitting on a football field.

The New York Jets travel to face the Miami Dolphins in Week 9, and it is a stinker of a game. The Dolphins are winless and have been tanking since the offseason. They’ve been regularly dealing players for draft picks and making some decisions that suggest they are not overly concerned with winning. The players might want to try and win games, but the organization has zero interest in it.

The Jets are 1-6 and even the return of Sam Darnold from mono has not been enought to get them on track. They stunned the Dallas Cowboys but have since been pasted by the New England Patriots and stumbled to another loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. They are unlikely to claim the No. 1 pick, but they are looking like a top five or ten draft pick team.

They come together in Week 9, and it’s a historically bad matchup.

Earlier this season, the Dolphins hosted Washington in another ugly matchup. It marked Washington’s only win on the season, and they barely won it. They jumped on top early but had to withstand a Dolphins comeback that almost got the job done before a failed two-point conversion at the end of the game.

That game was Toilet Bowl I, which suggests this one is Toilet Bowl II. And if that’s the case, then we can expect Dolphins-Bengals in Week 16 to be Toilet Bowl III. It’s fitting that the Dolphins, the worst team in the league, will host all three of these matchups. I don’t think Hard Rock Cafe expected their naming rights on the Dolphins stadium to be associated with such truly dreadful football.

The Jets are a field goal favorite over the Dolphins at DraftKings Sportsbook, which is the lowest Dolphins spread this season. They were a six-point home underdog against Washington in Week 6. All things considered, you have to wonder what the line will look like in Week 16 when the Dolphins host the Bengals. You generally get 2.5 or three points in the spread as the home team. It would be absolutely fitting to see the Dolphins-Bengals game installed as a pick ‘em.