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Harvard-Yale football game delayed by climate protestors

Harvard running back Aaron Shampklin runs against the Yale during the second half at Fenway Park. Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: The protest also included a demand for cancelling Puerto Rico’s debt. You can view more video here.

One of the oldest in football was the site of an unusual protest on Saturday. Harvard and Yale squared off in New Haven in Week 13, and the second half of the game was delayed by a climate change protest. A large group of protestors went onto the field during half time, and the game was delayed as security got the protestors off the field.

Woojin Lim, a writer for the Crimson posted some video, in which we see the protestors run on the field. They unveiled a sign that said “Nobody Wins: Yale & Harvard Are Complicit in Climate Justice” and demanded Harvard divest from businesses that are contributing to climate change around the world.