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Top 25 D/ST rankings for Week 13 fantasy football

We take you through some of the best D/ST going in Week 13 for fantasy football, including a few viable streamers.

Chicago Bears outside linebacker Khalil Mack warms up prior to the game against the New York Giants at Soldier Field. Kena Krutsinger-USA TODAY Sports

This is a pretty good week for streaming options for your D/ST. Remember, your best bet is to acquire the best defense you can, but likely end up streaming 50 percent of the time.

D/ST Ranking Tiers

Tier 1

Dwayne Haskins hasn’t been horrible, but he hasn’t been great either. Going on the road against the Panthers is likely going to be trouble.

The Eagles front seven is tough enough to beat weak offenses like the Dolphins, who consistently give up D/ST points with Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm.

The Bears could see the Lions third-string quarterback, but even if they don’t, Jeff Driskel isn’t 100 percent, and he threw three picks last week.

The Steelers at home in a revenge-filled game against the Browns could end up with D/ST points coming out of their shoulder pads.

Tier 2

The Jets were a little unlucky to get Andy Dalton instead of Ryan Finley, but Dalton is still quite awful.

The Patriots and Ravens get tough matchups but have been playing well enough to keep riding them in Week 13.

D/ST Streamers

Many of the top plays this week could be found on the waiver wire, like the Eagles, Panthers, and Jets.

The Lions and Browns both face weak quarterbacks and could capitalize.

D/ST Rankings, Week 13

Rank Player Opp
Rank Player Opp
1 Carolina Panthers vs WAS
2 Philadelphia Eagles @ MIA
3 Chicago Bears @ DET
4 Pittsburgh Steelers vs CLE
5 New York Jets @ CIN
6 New England Patriots @ HOU
7 Baltimore Ravens vs SF
8 Jacksonville Jaguars vs TB
9 Green Bay Packers @ NYG
10 New Orleans Saints @ ATL
11 Cleveland Browns @ PIT
12 Detroit Lions vs CHI
13 Los Angeles Chargers @ DEN
14 Dallas Cowboys vs BUF
15 Denver Broncos vs LAC
16 Los Angeles Rams @ ARI
17 Buffalo Bills @ DAL
18 Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ JAC
19 Tennessee Titans @ IND
20 San Francisco 49ers @ BAL
21 Kansas City Chiefs vs OAK
22 Seattle Seahawks vs MIN
23 Indianapolis Colts vs TEN
24 Washington Redskins @ CAR
25 Minnesota Vikings @ SEA
26 Arizona Cardinals vs LAR
27 Miami Dolphins vs PHI
28 New York Giants vs GB
29 Atlanta Falcons vs NO
30 Houston Texans vs NE
31 Cincinnati Bengals vs NYJ
32 Oakland Raiders @ KC