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Ole Miss misses extra point, loses game after penalty for dog peeing celebration

Oh no, Ole Miss.

Ole Miss player peeing like a dog celebration

Ole Miss football players have rolled out the dog peeing celebration once in a while, figuring the penalty is worth a little bit of fun. In the 2019 Egg Bowl, it came back to bite them in the butt.

Ole Miss trailed 21-14 when Elijah Moore caught a two-yard touchdown pass with four seconds left. In his excited state, he did the dog peeing celebration. He was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct and the extra point attempt was moved back. Ole Miss kicker Luke Logan proceeded to miss the extra point. Ole Miss failed to recover the onside kick and lost the game 21-20.

This was not the best Egg Bowl matchup in recent memory. Ole Miss came into the game at 4-7, while Mississippi State was 5-6. The Rebels were a two-point favorite, but the last second win means Mississippi State is now bowl eligible. All thanks to Ole Miss pretending to pee like a dog.