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How to handle Rex Burkhead and James White injuries in Week 9 fantasy football

Both Patriots running backs are on the injury report this week, so how should you proceed?

NFL: Cleveland Browns at New England Patriots Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Both Rex Burkhead and James White showed up on the injury report as questionable this week. Burkhead is dealing with a foot injury, and White has a bum toe, officially, which is pretty much all we have to go on when it comes to the New England Patriots and their masterful use of the injury report as yet another way to deceive opponents.

Of the two, White’s injury might be the most concerning. He was fine until Friday when he showed up on the injury report. Burkhead returned to action last week after missing the previous four games. Though he is listed as questionable, he will almost certainly play, given that he played through the same situation in Week 8.

The real question, though, is which one of these guys, if any, belongs in your lineup.

Fantasy football analysis, New England Patriots RBs Rex Burkhead and James White

Running back feels like a generous term for either one of these guys. They don’t rush the ball all that much — a total of five carries between them last week. They’re real value is in the passing game.

White caught four passes to Burkhead’s one last week. White also finished the game with 75 yards to Burkhead’s nine, but it’s worth noting he got almost 60 of those yards on a single play.

But this might might be a better week for Burkhead, given White’s late appearance on the injury report. If White can’t play, Burkhead would get more work in the passing game.