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What to do with Michael Badgley, Daniel Carlson on Thursday Night Football

Should you start Michael Badgley or Daniel Carlson on TNF? We give you the low down.

Los Angeles Chargers kicker Michael Badgley misses a first quarter field goal against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Badgley came of I.R. last week to kick four field goals and two extra points while his predecessors never put up that many fantasy points through the first eight games. Of course, Badgley didn’t put himself into those positions, and he missed one of five attempts, but the good news is that the Chargers have attempted the second-most field goals on the season.

Oakland and Daniel Carlson aren’t in the same boat as the Chargers, though, as they rank 30th with just 1.1 field goal attempts per game. So far, that gives Oakland nine field goal attempts to the Chargers’ 23.

Fantasy football analysis: Los Angeles Chargers K Daniel Badgley and Oakland Raiders K Daniel Carlson

The only thing holding Badgley back in this matchup is that the Raiders instead give up touchdowns than field goals. On the season, they’ve allowed 27 touchdowns and just 11 field goal attempts while the Chargers have given up 20 touchdowns to 19 field goal attempts.

The good news is, this game should be close and has a 49 point over/under in good weather conditions. Carlson has attempted two field goals in just one game and has yet to make two field goals in a game, while the Chargers have only had one game in which they haven’t had two or more field goal attempts. Those stats are enough for me to give Badgley the go and Carlson the no.

Traditional Fantasy Start/Sit Recommendation

Start Badgley.

Sit Carlson.