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Lamar Jackson sits out practice with illness

Don’t panic!

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson runs past New England Patriots linebacker Kyle Van Noy during the fourth quarter at M&T Bank Stadium. Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson showed up on the team’s Thursday injury report as a DNP at practice due to an illness. Before anybody panics, word has it he got sick from Marshall Yanda who originally got sick from his kids, per beat writer Sarah Ellison.

This should have no impact on Jackson’s ability to play on Sunday, so fantasy football owners can take a deep breath. He’s been the best player in fantasy, ranking first in points per game. He is third in overall points, but both quarterbacks ahead of him — Russell Wilson and DeShaun Watson — have their byes coming up.

People still ask, “Should I start Lamar Jackson or QB X this week?” Frankly, even if you’re in a two-person league, you should be starting Jackson every week. He has one game under 21 points this season. He’s a must start regardless of circumstances — even if he’s sick because of Marshall Yanda’s kids.