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Best lineup strategy for Bucks vs. Hawks NBA Showdown [UPDATE]

Milwaukee looks to bounce back from its worst loss of the season against Atlanta without Giannis. We break down lineup construction for the DraftKings Showdown.

Milwaukee Bucks forward Khris Middleton passes the ball as New York Knicks forward Marcus Morris Sr. defends during the second half at Madison Square Garden. Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Giannis is officially out vs. the Hawks.

UPDATE: Giannis has now been downgraded to doubtful for Friday night’s game vs. the Hawks. If Giannis is ruled out, this would change the way we’d approach this contest. Though, I did mention potentially fading The Greek Freak given his price and how this game could get out of hand.

If Giannis sits, Middleton is the best option for the Captain’s spot and I’d imagine his ownership will be very high overall in the contest. I think you can make an argument for Young as well given the game should be more competitive. Outside of those two, Ersan Ilyasova, Donte DiVincenzo and George Hill are all good value options on the Bucks side. John Collins becomes more viable down low without Giannis there.

The Milwaukee Bucks are coming off their worst defeat of the season on Christmas Day to the Philadelphia 76ers. That doesn’t bode well for the Atlanta Hawks tonight. Giannis Antetokounmpo got hit in the face, got a technical foul, and had one of his worst shooting performances ever. If anything we should see a very motivated Giannis and crew tonight against the Hawks, who are still among the basement teams in the NBA. For that reason, it may make things difficult if you’re playing the MIL-ATL Showdown contest on DraftKings tonight. We could see a blowout and that would mean less of the regulars and more from the benches. Let’s take a look at some picks to help you construct your roster.

Captain’s Picks

Let’s start with Giannis ($19,200) since he’s the most expensive player on the Showdown slate and we’ll likely need to decide if we want to fade The Greek Freak or not. I’m leaning on the fade side, not because I think Giannis will have a big game, but because I think he won’t return value on this salary. He eats up nearly 25% of your cap. He had 30-10-4 against the Hawks the last time he faced them, and that isn’t enough for us to spend this much. I think maybe fit Giannis in as a FLEX but I’m looking elsewhere for a captain.

Elsewhere would be Khris Middleton ($12,600), who is much cheaper and would be in line for a similar outing in a good matchup. We saw Middleton take over against the Sixers late in the game and make it interesting for a brief second, scoring 31 points. I think you’re better off Captaining Middleton and FLEXing Giannis than the other way around. Trae Young ($17,400) is also in play after we saw the Sixers torch the Bucks from outside last game. I also don’t mind saving some salary with a guy like Donte DiVincenzo ($9,900) in the Captain’s slot. He’d likely play a full amount of minutes regardless of the score and this is a matchup he can exploit.

FLEX Options

I’ll start out by saying Kyle Korver ($1,600) is a must-start in this spot. That’s a bit crazy, let’s not go with must-start. But I think if the game is lopsided, then Korver will get some run off the bench and wouldn’t need to do more than hit a couple 3’s to return value at this price. He also opens up things nicely for you to really captain whoever you want and FLEX all of the high-priced players (Young, Giannis, Middleton). With no Eric Bledsoe on defense for the Bucks, Cam Reddish ($4,400) is a decent value. If nothing else he’s getting around 25 minutes per game in this recent stretch. Kevin Huerter ($7,000) is in that same boat, a guy who should see 30+ minutes in any game scenario and has a reasonable price.