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Breaking down Week 14 line movement heading into the weekend

Point spreads have opened for Week 14, and as we head into the weekend, there’s some notable movement.

Eli Manning of the New York Giants is seen during the preseason game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium on August 22, 2019 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The NFL kicked off Week 14 with a Thursday Night Football shootout between the Bears and Cowboys. Mitchell Trubisky impressed once again and Chicago held off Dallas late for a 31-24 win. The Bears were a field goal underdog in this one and managed the outright upset.

We now head into the weekend, and the week has seen plenty of line movement at DraftKings Sportsbook. All 16 lines posted early Sunday evening, and we’ve seen pro money and injury news move various lines.

One of the more interesting non-movements is Monday Night Football between the Giants and Eagles. Giants QB Daniel Jones is sidelined with a high ankle sprain and Eli Manning is back in the starting lineup. The change resulted in no movement in the line between the two teams. It opened at Eagles -8 and moved to -9.5 on Tuesday. Manning moved into the news on Wednesday and since then we have seen no movement.

The biggest movement has seen the Rams go from a 2.5-point opening underdog against the Seahawks to a one-point favorite. Seattle is tied for the best record in the NFC, while LA is stumbling along alternating wins and losses in recent weeks. And yet, these teams might not be that far apart. The Seahawks have had a fair amount of luck on their side this year. They have a nearly similar point differential to LA and they are worse in net yards per play (0.1 vs. 0.6) than the Rams. It’s not surprising to see this movement.

Here’s a full rundown of point spread movement in the day since the lines opened.

Week 14 NFL point spread movement

Game Opening line Monday noon Tuesday 5pm Friday 9am
Game Opening line Monday noon Tuesday 5pm Friday 9am
Ravens @ Bills Ravens -6 Ravens -4.5 Ravens -5.5 Ravens -6
49ers @ Saints Saints -3.5 Saints -3 Saints -3 Saints -2.5
Dolphins @ Jets Jets -6 Jets -6 Jets -5 Jets -5
Washington @ Packers Packers -14.5 Packers -13.5 Packers -12 Packers -12.5
Panthers @ Falcons Falcons -1.5 Falcons -1.5 Falcons -3 Falcons -3
Bengals @ Browns Browns -8.5 Browns -8.5 Browns -8.5 Browns -7
Broncos @ Texans Texans -7.5 Texans -7.5 Texans -8.5 Texans -9
Lions @ Vikings Vikings -14 Vikings -14 Vikings -13 Vikings -12.5
Colts @ Bucs Bucs -3 Bucs -3.5 Bucs -3 Bucs -3
Chargers @ Jaguars Chargers -2.5 Chargers -2.5 Chargers -3 Chargers -3
Chiefs @ Patriots Patriots -3.5 Patriots -3 Patriots -3 Patriots -3
Steelers @ Cardinals Steelers -1.5 Steelers -1.5 Steelers -2.5 Steelers -2.5
Tittans @ Raiders Titans -3 Titans -3 Titans -3 Titans -3
Seahawks @ Rams Seahawks -2.5 Seahawks -2.5 Seahawks -1 Rams -1
Giants @ Eagles Eagles -8 Eagles -8 Eagles -9.5 Eagles -9.5