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Cam Newton undergoes foot surgery

Cam Newton undergoes foot surgery, could be on the trading block

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton at the line of scrimmage In the second quarter at Bank of America Stadium. Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Cam Newton tried to rehab his Lisfranc foot injury, but could never get it right. He was put on I.R. and finally decided to get the surgery that happened on Monday according to Joe Person of The Athletic.

This is the second time Newton tried to rehab an injury but ultimately needed surgery, as his shoulder injury two years ago proved too severe. His style of play and the multiple hits he has taken (many flaggable that went unflagged), have broken his body down. Those injuries, coupled with the firing of Ron Rivera and an extra $19 million in cap space have many believing Newton will be traded or eventually let go.

He will be sought after still, as the quarterback market is always thin and if healthy, he could still have some useful starts in him. Too many teams need quarterback help to list them all here but there is a good chance he’s starting for a new team next season.