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The point spreads that matter most in the 2019 NFL season, by week

CG Technology released point spreads for Weeks 1-16 of the 2019 NFL season. We’ve got the games to watch and where lines are most likely to move.

The betting line and some of the nearly 400 proposition bets for Super Bowl 50 between the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos are displayed at the Race & Sports SuperBook at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino on February 2, 2016 in Las Vegas Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The NFL regular season a little over three months away, but there are plenty of opportunities to start wagering on your favorite teams!

Most sportsbooks pushed out Week 1 point spreads in April once the full regular season schedule was announced. Now that the draft is behind us, we have an additional 15 weeks of point spreads to share.

The folks at CG Technology operate sportsbooks at eight different locations in Las Vegas. Each May, they publish point spreads for all games between Weeks 1 and 16. They do not publish a spread for Week 17 because that week usually includes numerous teams resting starters for one reason or another. They also accept limited action for games after Week 1, accepting maximum wagers of $1,000 on point spread bets, $500 for betting the moneyline, and $300 for betting the point total.

Below is a complete list of point spreads for Weeks 1-16, with the point spread for the favorite in parenthesis (h/t The Lines). Additionally, I have included one matchup to watch and one matchup where I think the line is likely to move the most from where it currently stands. Unexpected injuries can impact anybody and swing a team’s fortunes, but for the most part I am not factoring that into potential line movement. If a player is coming off a 2018 injury, I might factor that in.

Week 1

Matchup to watch: Chiefs (-4) @ JaguarsPatrick Mahomes emerged as a force in 2018, and the Chiefs nearly knocked off the Patriots in the AFC title game. The Jaguars finally moved on from Blake Bortles after a miserable season and are rolling the dice on Nick Foles maybe having something in the tank. Both quarterbacks and teams have something to prove in 2019, and this matchup will provide some early answers.

Line likely to move the most: 49ers @ Buccaneers (-1) — This line has already seen some movement, with Tampa Bay opening at -2 at most sportsbooks. If Jimmy Garoppolo is fully recovered from his torn ACL and in the lineup in time for Week 1, I think we see the 49ers favored by the time kickoff arrives.

Packers @ Bears (-4) TNF
Falcons @ Vikings (-4)
Bills @ Jets (-3.5)
Washington @ Eagles (-9)
Ravens (-4) @ Dolphins
49ers @ Buccaneers (-1)
Chiefs (-4) @ Jaguars
Titans @ Browns (-5)
Rams (-2.5) @ Panthers
Lions @ Cardinals (PK)
Bengals @ Seahawks (-9)
Colts @ Chargers (-3)
Giants @ Cowboys (-7)
Steelers @ Patriots (-6.5) SNF
Texans @ Saints (-7) MNF
Broncos @ Raiders (-2.5) MNF

Week 2

Matchup to watch: Vikings @ Packers (-3.5) — Saints-Rams offers a rematch of the controversial NFC title game, but Vikings-Packers is much more interesting for what it might mean in 2019. The Bears are NFC North favorites, but given how last season ended for Minnesota and Green Bay, one of these two teams could make their claim to divisional contention early.

Line likely to move the most: Cowboys @ Washington (PK) — I suspect the Cowboys are field goal or greater favorites by the time kickoff arrives. Week 2 brings line overreactions to Week 1, and with Washington having an unclear quarterback position, they could be coming off a throttling in Philly. It should not be a surprising development, but it will still bring significant adjustments to a pick ‘em line.

Buccaneers @ Panthers (-6) TNF
49ers @ Bengals (PK)
Chargers (-4) @ Lions
Vikings @ Packers (-3.5)
Colts @ Titans (PK)
Patriots (-8.5) @ Dolphins
Bills @ Giants (-3)
Seahawks @ Steelers (-3)
Cowboys @ Washington (PK)
Cardinals @ Ravens (-8.5)
Jaguars @ Texans (-3.5)
Chiefs (-6.5) @ Raiders
Bears @ Broncos (-1)
Saints @ Rams (-3)
Eagles @ Falcons (-1.5) SNF
Browns @ Jets (PK) MNF

Week 3

Matchup to watch: Rams (-3) @ Browns SNF — Cleveland fans might tell you this is a potential Super Bowl preview. The Browns have a decent shot at being 2-0 heading into this game, and it presents their stiffest challenge out of the gate. LA is a Super Bowl contender, but a poor showing could still reflect poorly on some of Cleveland’s ensuing point spreads.

Line likely to move the most: Titans @ Jaguars (-3) TNF — Both teams face difficult slates entering Week 3. This line could come down to what Nick Foles shows in those first two games. If he struggles, the Jaguars could be a home dog by kickoff.

Titans @ Jaguars (-3) TNF
Bengals @ Bills (-4)
Dolphins @ Cowboys (-9)
Broncos @ Packers (-6.5)
Falcons @ Colts (-4)
Ravens @ Chiefs (-7.5)
Raiders @ Vikings (-7)
Jets @ Patriots (-10)
Lions @ Eagles (-8)
Panthers (-3) @ Cardinals
Giants @ Buccaneers (-3)
Texans @ Chargers (-5.5)
Steelers @ 49ers (PK)
Saints @ Seahawks (PK)
Rams (-3) @ Browns SNF
Bears (-2.5) @ Washington MNF

Week 4

Matchup to watch: Cowboys @ Saints (-7) SNF — A potential playoff preview. Drew Brees seemed to start hitting the wall late last season, so by Week 4 we might have a handle on what he is still bringing to the table. And what about Dak? The Eagles are favored in the NFC East, but the Cowboys are the defending division champs. This is a chance to make a huge road statement.

Line likely to move the most: Buccaneers @ Rams (-11) — The Bucs enter the season under new head coach Bruce Arians. I have a feeling that bodes well for their development. I don’t think they win this game, but look for this line to come down if Arians can get this team on the same page.

Eagles @ Packers (-2) TNF
Titans @ Falcons (-4)
Patriots (-6.5) @ Bills
Chiefs (-7) @ Lions
Raiders @ Colts (-8)
Chargers (-6) @ Dolphins
Washington @ Seahawks (-3)
Browns @ Ravens (-3.5)
Panthers @ Texans (-4.5)
Buccaneers @ Rams (-11)
Seahawks (-5) @ Cardinals
Vikings @ Bears (-3.5)
Jaguars @ Broncos (-3)
Cowboys @ Saints (-7) SNF
Bengals @ Steelers (-9) MNF

Week 5

Matchup to watch: Rams (-1) @ Seahawks TNF — It seems like every year, Rams-Seahawks results in primetime results in something odd happening. The Seahawks have reloaded and might finally have a decent offensive line for Russell Wilson and that offense. They made big changes to their defense, and seem to be a little undervalued right now. This could be a fun one for early control of the NFC West.

Line likely to move the most: Browns @ 49ers (-2.5) — The Week 5 Monday Night Football matchup features two teams with big expectations and just as many questions. Is Baker Mayfield and this offense for real? Does a healthy Jimmy Garoppolo turn the 49ers into a contender? The 49ers could walk into this game a touchdown favorite, a slight home dog, or anywhere in between and I don’t think it would be surprising.

Rams (-1) @ Seahawks TNF
Cardinals @ Bengals (-4)
Bills @ Titans (-5)
Bears (-6) vs. Raiders (London)
Buccaneers @ Saints (-10.5)
Vikings (-3) @ Giants
Jets @ Eagles (-7.5)
Ravens @ Steelers (-3)
Patriots (-6.5) @ Washington
Jaguars @ Panthers (-3.5)
Falcons @ Texans (-3.5)
Broncos @ Chargers (-7.5)
Packers @ Cowboys (-4)
Colts @ Chiefs (-4.5) SNF
Browns @ 49ers (-2.5) MNF

Week 6

Matchup to watch: Texans @ Chiefs (-7) — This matchup comes just shy of two full years since Deshaun Watson tore his ACL. Watson returned well in 2018, but now has a full healthy offseason to build on. Watson-Mahomes could become the Brady-Manning of the near future and if Will Fuller and D’Onta Foreman remain healthy, Houston is a team to watch in 2019.

Line likely to move the most: Steelers @ Chargers (-4.5) SNF — The Chargers get Hunter Henry back to add to what could be quite the dynamic offense, but more importantly, I’m just not high on the Steelers this year. They’ll be a playoff contender for a stretch, but I think we see this line closer to a touchdown by the time kickoff arrives.

Giants @ Patriots (-11) TNF
Panthers (-2.5) @ Buccaneers (London)
Seahawks @ Browns (-1)
Texans @ Chiefs (-7)
Washington @ Dolphins (-1)
Eagles @ Vikings (-2.5)
Saints (-4) @ Jaguars
Bengals @ Ravens (-7)
49ers @ Rams (-8.5)
Falcons (-3) @ Cardinals
Titans @ Broncos (-2.5)
Cowboys (-2) @ Jets
Steelers @ Chargers (-4.5) SNF
Lions @ Packers (-7.5) MNF

Week 7

Matchup to watch: Eagles @ Cowboys (-3) SNF — The NFC East is likely going to come down to these two teams. Their Week 17 matchup will probably decide the division, but this matchup will set the tone near the halfway point of the season.

Line likely to move the most: Patriots (-4.5) @ Jets MNF — Opinions are all over the place on the Jets, but they could very well enter this game at 1-4 or 0-5 considering their schedule coming into this game. The Patriots could be unbeaten, and money could easily move this line to a touchdown by kickoff.

Chiefs (-3) @ Broncos TNF
Rams (-2) @ Falcons
Dolphins @ Bills (-4.5)
Jaguars @ Bengals (PK)
Vikings @ Lions (PK)
Raiders @ Packers (-8.5)
Texans @ Colts (-4)
Cardinals @ Giants (-4.5)
49ers @ Washington (-1)
Chargers @ Titans (PK)
Saints @ Bears (-1)
Ravens @ Seahawks (-4.5)
Eagles @ Cowboys (-3) SNF
Patriots (-4.5) @ Jets MNF

Week 8

Matchup to watch: Chargers @ Bears (-3) — This is a potential Super Bowl preview. We get a chance to see what could be a great Chargers offense facing off against a wildly talented Bears defense that will be midway through its first season without defensive coordinator Vic Fangio at the helm. It should be a fun one.

Line likely to move the most: Seahawks (-1.5) @ Falcons — Atlanta had a nightmare 2018 season thanks to a ridiculous rash of injuries. They are not the best team in the NFC when healthy, but they are still a dangerous squad. This line could easily swing a few points by Week 8.

Washington @ Vikings (-7.5) TNF
Seahawks (-1.5) @ Falcons
Buccaneers @ Titans (-5.5)
Cardinals @ Saints (-14.5)
Bengals vs. Rams (-13, London)
Jets @ Jaguars (-4)
Eagles (-3) @ Bills
Chargers @ Bears (-3)
Giants @ Lions (-3)
Raiders @ Texans (-7)
Panthers @ 49ers (-2.5)
Browns @ Patriots (-8.5)
Broncos @ Colts (-7)
Packers @ Chiefs (-7) SNF
Dolphins @ Steelers (-10) MNF

Week 9

Matchup to watch: Bears @ Eagles (-3) — Another midseason playoff preview. This matchup features the favorites in the NFC North and NFC East. The Bears are a regression candidate, but this still stands out as a potentially huge matchup for home field advantage in the playoffs.

Line likely to move the most: Vikings @ Chiefs (PK) — Kirk Cousins is a decent enough quarterback, but he’s not a particularly great one. He’ll keep the Vikings in the mix, but look for him to be exposed once again as just not that great. This seems sizably undervalued at the moment.

49ers (-3) @ Cardinals TNF
Texans @ Jaguars (PK, London)
Washington @ Bills (-3.5)
Vikings @ Chiefs (PK)
Jets @ Dolphins (PK)
Bears @ Eagles (-3)
Colts @ Steelers (-2.5)
Titans @ Panthers (-3)
Lions @ Raiders (-3)
Buccaneers @ Seahawks (-7.5)
Browns @ Broncos (-1)
Packers @ Chargers (-3.5)
Patriots (-2.5) @ Ravens SNF
Cowboys (-2) @ Giants MNF

Week 10

Matchup to watch: Falcons @ Saints (-7) — Drew Brees struggled in the second half of last season. If that trend continues this season, this could be a chance for the Falcons to steal a key midseason divisional matchup.

Line likely to move the most: Rams @ Steelers (PK) — I see a Steelers regression and fully expect them to be a home dog by kickoff. The Rams have their own questions heading into 2019, but by this point, I think the Steelers will be exposed as a not particularly good team.

Chargers (-4) @ Raiders TNF
Lions @ Bears (-8)
Ravens (-1) @ Bengals
Bills @ Browns (-7)
Panthers @ Packers (-5.5)
Chiefs (-3.5) @ Titans
Falcons @ Saints (-7)
Giants @ Jets (-3.5)
Cardinals @ Buccaneers (-4.5)
Dolphins @ Colts (-9.5)
Rams @ Steelers (PK)
Vikings @ Cowboys (-3) SNF
Seahawks @ 49ers (-1.5) MNF

Week 11

Matchup to watch: Patriots @ Eagles (-1) — This is currently the only game on the Patriots schedule where they are listed as an underdog. The Eagles have welcomed back Carson Wentz, and are favored to win a mediocre NFC East. If Wentz remains healthy, this line probably will not change much.

Line likely to move the most: Cowboys (-2.5) @ Lions — Road favorites are always worth noting. Detroit could be a sneaky improved team in 2019. They’re not a Super Bowl contender, but they could emerge as a wild card contender. If that happens, I would not be surprised to see them as a slim home favorite by the time Week 11 rolls around.

Steelers @ Browns (-2.5) TNF
Cowboys (-2.5) @ Lions
Jaguars @ Colts (-6.5)
Bills @ Dolphins (-2.5)
Broncos @ Vikings (-6)
Saints (-4) @ Buccaneers
Jets @ Washington (-2.5)
Falcons @ Panthers (-2)
Texans @ Ravens (-2.5)
Cardinals @ 49ers (-8.5)
Bengals @ Raiders (-3.5)
Patriots @ Eagles (-1)
Bears @ Rams (-5.5) SNF
Chiefs (-2.5) vs. Chargers (Mexico City) MNF

Week 12

Matchup to watch: Colts @ Texans (-2) TNF — These two top the odds to win the AFC South, and this is their final matchup of 2019. Five weeks remain after this game, so plenty could change, but this will be arguably the most important matchup in deciding the division winner.

Line likely to move the most: Lions @ Washington (-2) — Detroit has a lot of talent, but has struggled to get everybody on the same page. Washington has a solid mix of talent, but big questions at quarterback. I think we see a solid Detroit team and a bad Washington team, and come game-day, I could see Detroit as a slim road favorite.

Colts @ Texans (-2) TNF
Buccaneers @ Falcons (-7)
Broncos @ Bills (-3)
Giants @ Bears (-10)
Steelers (-3) @ Bengals
Dolphins @ Browns (-8)
Panthers @ Saints (-9)
Raiders @ Jets (-3)
Lions @ Washington (-2)
Jaguars @ Titans (-3)
Cowboys @ Patriots (-6)
Packers @ 49ers (PK)
Seahawks @ Eagles (-3.5) SNF
Ravens @ Rams (-7.5) MNF

Week 13

Matchup to watch: Browns @ Steelers (-3.5) — This could be a changing of the guard matchup in the NFC North, or just more of the same if the Browns do not quite reach the big 2019 expectations they now have for 2019. Either way, I’m fascinated to see what comes of it.

Line likely to move the most: Buccaneers @ Jaguars (-4.5) — The Bucs are a talented team, but have struggled to get things in gear. Hiring Bruce Arians could be just what the doctor ordered for this offense. If Nick Foles reverts to his non-Eagles mediocre ways, this line could move considerably by the time Week 13 arrives.

Bears (-3.5) @ Lions Thanksgiving
Bills @ Cowboys (-7.5) Thanksgiving
Saints (-2.5) @ Falcons Thanksgiving
Jets @ Bengals (-1.5)
Titans @ Colts (-7)
Raiders @ Chiefs (-13)
Eagles (-4) @ Dolphins
Packers (-3.5) @ Giants
Washington @ Panthers (-5)
Buccaneers @ Jaguars (-4.5)
49ers @ Ravens (-4)
Rams (-8) @ Cardinals
Chargers (-1) @ Broncos
Browns @ Steelers (-3.5)
Patriots (-3) @ Texans SNF
Vikings @ Seahawks (-3) MNF

Week 14

Matchup to watch: Chiefs @ Patriots (-3) — It’s an easy call. We get a rematch of a wild AFC title game, and home field advantage for the upcoming playoffs could be on the line.

Line likely to move the most: 49ers @ Saints (-8.5) — Drew Brees could be in a second half swoon at this point, while Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers could very well be contending for a playoff spot. I’m betting on this line coming down several points.

Cowboys @ Bears (-4) TNF
Panthers @ Falcons (-4.5)
Ravens (-1) @ Bills
Bengals @ Browns (-8)
Washington @ Packers (-9)
Lions @ Vikings (-8)
49ers @ Saints (-8.5)
Dolphins @ Jets (-6)
Colts (-3) @ Buccaneers
Broncos @ Texans (-5.5)
Chargers (-1) @ Jaguars
Titans @ Raiders (PK)
Chiefs @ Patriots (-3)
Steelers (-3.5) @ Cardinals
Seahawks @ Rams (-7.5) SNF
Giants @ Eagles (-9) MNF

Week 15

Matchup to watch: Bears @ Packers (-3) — Who knows where the Packers will be by the end of the season, but they’re even with the Vikings in odds to win the NFC North. If the Bears regress, this is a big opportunity to keep the division race tight.

Line likely to move the most: Texans @ Titans (-1) — The biggest question might be whether or not Marcus Mariota is healthy by the time this game rolls around. Whether or not he is could shake this line up considerably. If he’s playing well, maybe the Titans end up a field goal or better favorite. If the offense is not making progress, the Texans could end up road favorites.

Jets @ Ravens (-5.5) TNF
Patriots (-7) @ Bengals
Buccaneers @ Lions (-2.5)
Bears @ Packers (-3)
Texans @ Titans (-1)
Broncos @ Chiefs (-9.5)
Dolphins @ Giants (-3)
Bills @ Steelers (-7)
Eagles (-3.5) @ Washington
Seahawks @ Panthers (-1.5)
Jaguars @ Raiders (PK)
Browns (-3) @ Cardinals
Rams @ Cowboys (PK)
Falcons @ 49ers (-1.5)
Vikings @ Chargers (-3.5) SNF
Colts @ Saints (-5) MNF

Week 16

Matchup to watch: Chiefs @ Bears (-1) SNF — How about a potential Super Bowl preview late in the season? You get the high flying Chiefs offense against the dominant Bears defense. Both teams are regression candidates, but this could still be a fun one to watch.

Line likely to move the most: Cardinals @ Seahawks (-12) — If Kyler Murray can be the weapon Kliff Kingsbury is hoping for, Arizona could prove dangerous this season. The Cardinals are going to be a road dog in this game, but given how high this early line is, there’s a lot room for downward movement.

Lions @ Broncos (-4.5)
Bills @ Patriots (-13)
Raiders @ Chargers (-9)
Rams (-2) @ 49ers
Texans (-2) @ Buccaneers
Jaguars @ Falcons (-5)
Saints (-3) @ Titans
Ravens @ Browns (-3)
Panthers @ Colts (-6)
Bengals @ Dolphins (-1.5)
Steelers (-1.5) @ Jets
Giants @ Washington (-3)
Cowboys @ Eagles (-3.5)
Cardinals @ Seahawks (-12)
Chiefs @ Bears (-1) SNF
Packers @ Vikings (-3) MNF

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