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Register NOW for the DraftKings Super Pool for a chance to win $250,000

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The expansion of sports betting has opened the door for opportunities to get in on big-name contests. DraftKings is jumping into the fray with the launch of its Super Pool contest that will feature $1 million in prizes for New Jersey contestants. You can register now for the contest. There is a $500 entry fee, with a maximum of three entries per person, and you will be able to start making picks on September 24th with the contest locking on September 29th. Registration and all picks will need to be executed inside New Jersey state lines.

Prior to the 2018 Supreme Court decision, the Westgate SuperBook in Las Vegas, Nevada had the most notable contest, the “SuperContest.” You pay a $1,500 entry fee and pick five games. You get a point per correct pick, and the top 50 participants at the end of 17 weeks wins a cash award.

The DraftKings contest will offer significantly more flexibility when it gets underway in Week 4. Contestants will need to make 70 picks over the course of the season from Week 4 to Week 17. That averages out to five picks per week, but you are not required to make five picks every week. Rather, you could pick three games one week, five the next week, and seven the following week. All that matters is you make 70 picks by the end of Week 17.

Here is the complete prize breakdown. If there is a tie for first place, the entry that had the most points coming into Week 17 wins the tie. If that does not break the tie, the entry that had the most points going into Week 16 wins, and so on. If the tie cannot be broken by this method, the prize will be split evenly among the tied positions. All tiebreaks for other places will be calculated by evenly splitting the prize among the tied positions.

1st: 25% — $250,000.00
2nd: 15% — $150,000.00
3rd: 10% — $100,000.00
4th - 5th: 5% — $50,000.00
6th - 7th: 2.5% — $25,000.00
8th - 9th: 1.5% — $15,000.00
10th - 14th: 1% — $10,000.00
15th - 24th: 0.5% — $5,000.00
25th - 34th: 0.4% — $4,000.00
35th - 49th: 0.3% — $3,000.00
50th - 69th: 0.2% — $2,000.00
70th - 99th: 0.15% — $1,500.00
100th - 149th: 0.1% — $1,000.00

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*21+. NJ only. Eligibility and other restrictions apply. See terms and conditions for details.