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Packers looking for people to shovel snow Sunday morning before Seahawks game

Snow is in the weather forecast leading up to Packers-Seahawks. We break down the latest news for the Divisional Round.

Snow at Lambeau Field

The Green Bay Packers will host the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday in a Divisional Round matchup, and snow is in the weather forecast. Snow is expected on Friday night and then again late Saturday night, with temperatures dropping into the teens Sunday morning and into the low 20s by kickoff.

The Packers announced on Thursday they will need people available to shovel snow early Sunday morning to prepare the stadium for the game. They are looking to get up to 700 people to begin the process at 6:00 a.m. Shovels will be provided, and individuals at least 18 years of age will earn $12 per hour. The field will be covered, so this is primarily about clearing snow from the seats in the stadium.

It will be cold for this game, but weather is not a huge concern for the most part. The wind is supposed to be in the single digits, with the precipitation having stopped well before kickoff. Both teams will deal with issues of comfort, and it will be interesting to see how the ball feels for kickers. In particularly cold games, it can be like kicking a brick. Other than that, it’s a matter of waiting to see if this winter storm turns into something more, or does in fact cut out well before the game starts.