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Pro Bowl Showdown offers a unique opportunity in DFS

The Pro Bowl is a silly distraction to get us through the Super Bowl bye week. The game doesn’t matter, but there are still plenty of daily fantasy football opportunities to consider.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson celebrates with tight end Mark Andrews after scoring a touchdown in the second quarter against the Cleveland Browns at M&T Bank Stadium. Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The 2020 NFL Playoffs wrap up next week with Super Bowl 54, but we can’t forget about this weekend’s Pro Bowl! It’s generally the least liked football game of the year, but it also still provides betting opportunities and daily fantasy football. DraftKings is offering a Showdown contest for the NFL’s all star game.

The Pro Bowl is a little more difficult a contest given the changes in approach. Few players will appear the entire length of the game, and that is pertinent to skill position players. Each team has three quarterbacks, and so we’re likely to see a QB go no more than two quarters. That means touchdowns are going to be the biggest opportunity for QB scoring. Of course, given the questionable at best tackling in the Pro Bowl, Lamar Jackson ($15,000), Russell Wilson ($12,600), and DeShaun Watson ($12,900) could each hold more value as scramblers.

The tight end position offers greater value than during the regular season. Last year, the only offensive players to catch touchdowns were Austin Hooper and Eric Ebron. Delanie Walker took home the MVP award two years ago and Travis Kelce was MVP three years ago. With Jackson starting the game at quarterback, Mark Andrews ($9,000) will be worth considering on Sunday.

There is plenty of randomness to be had in the Pro Bowl. Last year, there were three touchdown passes thrown by the two sides. The recipients of those scores were Hooper, Ebron, and Jalen Ramsey! Patrick Mahomes won the MVP award, but fullback Anthony Sherman had an impressive outing. He had a rushing touchdown on four rushes for 11 yards, and also caught three passes for 92 yards.

The big names will get their opportunities, but the Pro Bowl will feature some craziness and DFS rostering will require thinking extra deep on sleepers and long shots.

Pro Bowl Showdown prices

Pos Name Roster Salary Team Points per game
Pos Name Roster Salary Team Points per game
QB Lamar Jackson CPT 15000 AFC 29.85
WR Michael Thomas CPT 14100 NFC 24.62
QB Deshaun Watson CPT 12900 AFC 24.15
QB Russell Wilson CPT 12600 NFC 21.7
RB Ezekiel Elliott CPT 12300 NFC 20.92
WR Davante Adams CPT 11700 NFC 20.96
QB Drew Brees CPT 11400 NFC 21.22
RB Derrick Henry CPT 10800 AFC 21.63
WR Keenan Allen CPT 10500 AFC 16.72
RB Alvin Kamara CPT 10200 NFC 17.94
QB Lamar Jackson FLEX 10000 AFC 29.85
RB Nick Chubb CPT 9900 AFC 17.45
RB Dalvin Cook CPT 9600 NFC 21.62
WR Michael Thomas FLEX 9400 NFC 24.62
WR Jarvis Landry CPT 9300 AFC 15.21
TE Mark Andrews CPT 9000 AFC 13.88
WR Amari Cooper CPT 8700 NFC 16.16
QB Deshaun Watson FLEX 8600 AFC 24.15
QB Russell Wilson FLEX 8400 NFC 21.7
TE Zach Ertz CPT 8400 NFC 14.12
RB Ezekiel Elliott FLEX 8200 NFC 20.92
QB Ryan Tannehill CPT 8100 AFC 19.03
WR Davante Adams FLEX 7800 NFC 20.96
TE Austin Hooper CPT 7800 NFC 15.21
QB Drew Brees FLEX 7600 NFC 21.22
QB Kirk Cousins CPT 7500 NFC 16.99
RB Derrick Henry FLEX 7200 AFC 21.63
WR DJ Chark Jr. CPT 7200 AFC 15.65
WR Keenan Allen FLEX 7000 AFC 16.72
WR Kenny Golladay CPT 6900 NFC 16.5
RB Alvin Kamara FLEX 6800 NFC 17.94
RB Nick Chubb FLEX 6600 AFC 17.45
RB Dalvin Cook FLEX 6400 NFC 21.62
WR Courtland Sutton CPT 6300 AFC 14.28
WR Jarvis Landry FLEX 6200 AFC 15.21
TE Mark Andrews FLEX 6000 AFC 13.88
WR Amari Cooper FLEX 5800 NFC 16.16
TE Zach Ertz FLEX 5600 NFC 14.12
QB Ryan Tannehill FLEX 5400 AFC 19.03
TE Jack Doyle CPT 5400 AFC 6.99
TE Austin Hooper FLEX 5200 NFC 15.21
QB Kirk Cousins FLEX 5000 NFC 16.99
WR DJ Chark Jr. FLEX 4800 AFC 15.65
WR Kenny Golladay FLEX 4600 NFC 16.5
RB Mark Ingram II CPT 4500 AFC 16.29
WR Courtland Sutton FLEX 4200 AFC 14.28
TE Jack Doyle FLEX 3600 AFC 6.99
DST All-Pros NFC CPT 3600 NFC 0
DST All-Pros AFC CPT 3600 AFC 0
RB Mark Ingram II FLEX 3000 AFC 16.29
DST All-Pros NFC FLEX 2400 NFC 0
DST All-Pros AFC FLEX 2400 AFC 0
K Wil Lutz CPT 2400 NFC 10.12
K Justin Tucker CPT 2400 AFC 9.41
WR Cordarrelle Patterson CPT 1800 NFC 2.22
K Wil Lutz FLEX 1600 NFC 10.12
K Justin Tucker FLEX 1600 AFC 9.41
WR Cordarrelle Patterson FLEX 1200 NFC 2.22
WR Deonte Harris CPT 1200 NFC 1.5
RB C.J. Ham CPT 900 NFC 2.16
WR Deonte Harris FLEX 800 NFC 1.5
RB C.J. Ham FLEX 600 NFC 2.16
WR Andre Roberts CPT 600 AFC 0.41
WR Andre Roberts FLEX 400 AFC 0.41
RB Patrick Ricard CPT 300 AFC 1.1
WR Matthew Slater CPT 300 AFC 0
RB Patrick Ricard FLEX 200 AFC 1.1
WR Matthew Slater FLEX 200 AFC 0