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The XFL will return in Spring 2022

The third iteration of the spring football will be in 2022. Let’s hope they complete a season this time.

Quinton Flowers of the Tampa Bay Vipers raises his hands as he crosses the goalie to score a touchdown during the XFL game against the Houston Roughnecks at Raymond James Stadium on February 22, 2020 in Tampa, Florida. Photo by Doug DeFelice/XFL via Getty Images

To paraphrase the owner of the league: “Finally, the XFL... HAS COME BACK... to playing.”

Via new league owner Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Twitter account this morning:

It’s been an active few weeks for the box office megastar. He endorsed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris via social media, and now the league he, alongside his business partner Dany Garcia, acquired from his old boss Vince McMahon has announced they’ll be back on the field.

There were rumors the technology and branding that came with the league was more valuable than playing the games themselves, but it appears that Johnson’s company Seven Bucks Productions will look to compete on the field.

The XFL got through five weeks of the 2020 season before being shut down due to Covid-19, but appeared to be promising. The attendance numbers were strong in markets such as St. Louis and Washington DC, and the product on the field got mostly positive reviews from football fans.

It was also beloved by gamblers because of the league’s friendly view towards wagering, including having the pregame spread on the scoreboard graphics, and updating the in-game betting sides and totals during the broadcasts.

We’ll see if all eight markets return, or if there is an expansion or retraction of teams involved, but it appears we’ll have a quality football product after the Super Bowl in 2022. How’s that ever a bad thing??