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How the NFL is adjusting its schedule as Covid-19 results in postponed games

The NFL is in the process of rescheduling games due to Covid-19. We break down the changes each week.

NFL logo on the field during a game between the New England Patriots and the Las Vegas Raiders on September 27, 2020, at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The NFL made it through three complete weeks of football before Covid-19 created issues for the schedule. The Tennessee Titans were the first outbreak and that has since been followed by an outbreak for the New England Patriots.

The league already rescheduled Titans-Steelers from Week 4 to Week 7. To accommodate that, the NFL moved Steelers-Ravens from Week 7 to Week 8 and moved the Ravens bye to Week 7.

We have been tracking each game that gets adjusted, and will continue to do so, but with more rescheduling likely to happen, it’s time to start tracking the full league schedule each week as changes happen.

Week 4

Games scheduled OUT of Week 4

Titans-Steelers moved to Week 7.

Week 5

Games scheduled OUT of Week 5

Broncos-Patriots moved to Week 6 after another positive, per Schefter.

Games rescheduled WITHIN Week 5

Titans-Bills moved from Sunday to Tuesday, pending any additional positives.

Week 6

Games scheduled OUT of Week 6

Broncos-Dolphins moved to Week 11, per Schefter.

Jets-Chargers moved to Week 11.

Games scheduled INTO Week 6

Broncos-Patriots (Week 5) to this week, Sunday, per Schefter.

Jets-Dolphins (Week 10) to this week, Sunday.

Games rescheduled WITHIN Week 6

Bills-Chiefs moved from Thursday to Monday.

Week 7

Games scheduled OUT of Week 7

Steelers-Ravens moved from this week to Week 8. Ravens bye moved from Week 8 to this week.

Chargers-Dolphins moved to Week 10.

Games scheduled INTO Week 7

Titans-Steelers (Week 4) moved to this week.

Jaguars-Chargers (Week 8) moved to this week.

Week 8

Games scheduled OUT of Week 8

Jaguars-Chargers moved to Week 7.

Game scheduled INTO Week 8

Chargers-Broncos (Week 11) to this week, per Schefter.

Steelers-Ravens (Week 7) moved to this week.

Week 10

Games Scheduled OUT of Week 10

Jets-Dolphins moved to Sunday of Week 6.

Games Scheduled INTO Week 10

Chargers-Dolphins (Week 7) moved to this week.

Week 11

Games scheduled INTO Week 11

Broncos-Dolphins moved to this week, per Schefter.