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The Bachelorette Season 16 premier predictions

All we know is chaos will abound. But how bad is it, and will the much-rumored madness disrupt the normal flow of the franchise? Make your picks at DraftKings and win!

Dale Moss attends HBO’s “Very Ralph” World Premiere at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on October 23, 2019 in New York City. Photo by Roy Rochlin/WireImage

If you love The Bachelor franchise, tonight is pretty much like Opening Day if you love baseball. In a series of super-awkward pick-up lines, 31 hunky influencers... er, contestants, will climb out of a limo (presumably the same one they’ll be crying in when they’re cut) and do their very best to make a lasting impression on Clare Crawley. Get ready for a cornucopia of athletes, single dads, doctors and entrepreneurs to spill out of that stretch vehicle and into your heart.

How to watch The Bachelorette Season 16 premiere

The Bachelorette kicks off at 8 p.m. E.T. / 5 p.m. P.T. on Tuesday, October 13. There are potentially as many as 31 contestants vying for Clare’s affection (at least for a little bit!), and you’ll see all of them on the opening show tomorrow night. The episode is a two-hour season opener. Streaming is available season 16 on after the broadcast ends, and will also be on Hulu the following day.

ABC is supposed to be super-secret about what happens each season, but from the gossip sites and some leaked spoilers, we are fairly certain that this season is like no other.

Really: This season is bananas and we’re here for every second of it. So we’ve put together a series of things that are fun to bet on and if you make the right guesses, you can win up to $1000 from DraftKings Sportsbook in their Bachelorette Premiere Pool.

There are 10 questions, and I’ll try my best to give my best guess on a few of them here.

What color tie will Chris Harrison wear?

  • Black
  • Red
  • Navy
  • Gold
  • Multicolor
  • Other

I’m going to go with navy because judging from Instagram, your boy Chris Harrison loves a skinny navy blue tie. Maybe one day ABC will actually make him The Bachelor and satisfy the silver fox enthusiasts in Bachelor Nation who would accept a rose from Chris any day.

How many contestants will use props during their introduction with Clare?

  • Over 4.5
  • Under 4.5

Whether it’s dressing up in costumes or riding in on a horse, props are increasingly popular in season openers. Everyone wants to stand out and everyone wants to make it far enough to become a fan fave and get a ticket to paradise.

Who will be the first to reference being on the show for “the right reasons”?

  • Claire
  • Chris Harrison
  • Contestant

If there’s ever a Bachelorette to root for in 2020, it’s Claire. She’s 38, been part of the franchise for years, and has suffered more public heartbreak than most women that are part of the Bachelor Nation universe. She’s legit here to find love and will probably (loudly) let everyone know.

How many people will cry during the episode (excluding previews)?

  • 0
  • 1-2
  • 3+

Someone will cry in the season opener. It could be the cameras, could be the inflated egos, and it could be the open bar, but what’s a season opener without a cryer. They’ll be at least one.

How many times is “Juan Pablo” mentioned by name? Under 2.5

  • Over 2.5
  • Under 2.5

I’m sorry, Juan who? I kid, I kid. Seriously, no one wants to kill the vibe the first night so no one will likely mention the name of the worst bachelor in franchise history.

How many roses will be given out?

  • Over 22.5
  • Under 22.5

The season starts with 31 men getting out of that limo so… NORMALLY be very confident in guessing over 22 roses will be handed out round one. No way nine guys are cut the first night, right? RIIIIIGHT? 2020 may have struck again. Watch the trailer that debuted on Dancing With the Stars last night and decide for yourself. I told you it was bananas.

That’s my take. Good luck and make good choices. And please know I’m here for the right reasons.