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2 D/ST to start and 2 D/ST to fade in Week 4 fantasy football

Still deciding which D/ST to put in your lineup this week? Here’s some advice.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re a big believe in streaming defenses in traditional fantasy leagues, this week is like a super buffet, loaded with so many delicious choices. There’s even a Broncos team that’s typically like the green ambrosia, sitting under the sneeze guard waving you off at all costs, that this week looks more like a real pudding that belongs on your plate right there with the main course. Okay, I’m going to go eat now, but here are a couple of choice options to grab and two more to stay away from like sweet potato casserole that’s been out there under the heat lamp for who knows how long.

D/ST to start

Denver Broncos

If you’re streaming the D/ST for whichever team is playing the Jets, it got you 27 points last week (in traditional ESPN leagues), probably more than just about any skill player you had in your lineup. That performance made the Colts the top scoring defense in fantasy football, by a huge margin. The Broncos don’t have that kind of unit. In fact, Denver’s D/ST has failed to reach even five points in three games this season, but they’ve been playing tough, high-scoring teams, including the Steelers and Bucs.

The Jets are not one of those teams. It’s a nice week for to slot the Broncos into your lineup because they should be good for, at worst, a modest 10 points or so against New York.

San Francisco 49ers

Even with the long list of injuries the Niners D/ST is dealing with right now, a home date with the Philadelphia Eagles is the kind of matchup that can give your lineup a huge boost this week. The Eagles lead the NFL with eight giveaways, and only a handful of quarterbacks have been sacked as much as Carson Wentz has so far this season. Not to mention Wentz is playing some absolutely terrible football right now.

The 49ers can still put up on points on offense, even with the injuries on that side of the ball, and that’s going to leave Philly in a big hole to have to try and climb out of, setting up a golden opportunity for more turnovers.

D/ST to sit

Los Angeles Chargers

I was pretty high on the Chargers D/ST coming into the season, and they didn’t disappoint in Week 1. Since then, however, it’s been one of the worst D/ST units in fantasy. It doesn’t help that Melvin Ingram is on injured reserve now either. They have an incredibly difficult matchup this week in Tampa Bay. The Bucs offense has looked pretty sharp in its last two outings, and the Chargers are going to have a tough time keeping them off the scoreboard.

New England Patriots

What’s the opposite of the New York Jets? This season it’s the Kansas City Chiefs. That’s who the Patriots play this week. At this point, you should bench whichever team is playing the Chiefs.