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D/ST rankings for Week 7 fantasy football

We take you through some of the best D/STs going in Week 7 for fantasy football, including a few viable streamers.

 Philadelphia Eagles Defensive Tackle Malik Jackson (97) sacks Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Lamar Jackson (8) in the second half during the game between the Baltimore Ravens and Philadelphia Eagles on October 18, 2020 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA. Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Saturday AM Covid-19 update

The Raiders and Saints did not have any new positive Covid-19 tests, per Saturday morning reports. The Saints placed Emmanuel Sanders on Covid-19 IR on Friday after a positive test, but none of the tests of close contacts came back positive.

Thursday PM Covid-19 update

The NFL has begun implementing contingencies around the Bucs-Raiders contest. The game was flexed out of Sunday Night Football to an afternoon start. The reasoning is concern over a potential need to postpone the game due to Covid-19. This will be something to track through Saturday and potentially into Sunday morning.

Thursday AM Covid-19 update

The Raiders-Buccaneers matchup is the lone game in question midway through the week. Raiders OT Trent Brown was placed on Covid-19 IR and the team sent home the rest of the starting offensive line. The game is still scheduled for Sunday, but this will be something to track into the weekend.

Week 6 was a good one for D/ST’s, as seven hit double-digits while the Steelers hit 19 fantasy points against the Browns and the Buccaneers went for 20 against the Packers! That, I did not see coming. Both teams returned interceptions for touchdowns, but also dominated throughout. These two have become the cream of the crop for D/STs and they’re both startable against almost any team.

Streaming against Andy Dalton, Joe Flacco and Kyle Allen worked out, as the Cardinals, Giants and Dolphins all hit double-digit fantasy points. Taking on Daniel Jones didn’t work quite as well, but still gave you six fantasy points, while using the Rams, Packers, Bills, and Titans all gave your team negative points. Playing D/STs isn’t a science, but give yourself a break and base your decisions on the opponent more than the defense itself.

Bye weeks

Minnesota Vikings, Indianapolis Colts, Baltimore Ravens, Miami Dolphins

The Ravens and Colts have been solid this season, while the Dolphins have been a good matchup D/ST. The Vikings, they’ve been awful. Scour those free agents for a good matchup this week.

Streaming options

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles get to face Daniel Jones and the Giants poor offensive line this week, Philadelphia has been bad, especially their pass defense, but they can get to the quarterback and this quarterback is adept at turning the ball over.

Washington Football Team

If you could somehow stomach the last Monday night game, you saw that Andy Dalton hasn’t changed much. The Cowboys offensive line has also taken a huge hit this season, which Washington should be able to take advantage of this week.

D/ST rankings for Week 6

Rk Name Opp
Rk Name Opp
1 Pittsburgh Steelers vs SEA
2 Los Angeles Rams @ NYG
3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ PHI
4 Minnesota Vikings @ CAR
5 Denver Broncos vs LV
6 Dallas Cowboys @ NE
7 Seattle Seahawks @ PIT
8 Las Vegas Raiders @ DEN
9 Indianapolis Colts vs HOU
10 Cincinnati Bengals @ DET
11 Miami Dolphins @ JAC
12 Kansas City Chiefs @ WAS
13 Los Angeles Chargers @ BAL
14 Chicago Bears vs GB
15 Arizona Cardinals @ CLE
16 Carolina Panthers vs MIN
17 Green Bay Packers @ CHI
18 Jacksonville Jaguars vs MIA
19 New England Patriots vs DAL
20 Baltimore Ravens vs LAC
21 Buffalo Bills @ TEN
22 Detroit Lions vs CIN
23 Houston Texans @ IND
24 Washington Football Team vs KC
25 New York Giants vs LAR
26 Tennessee Titans vs BUF
27 Philadelphia Eagles vs TB
28 Cleveland Browns vs ARI