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What Week 11 means for the 2020 NFL playoff picture

The AFC wild card race is incredibly tight, and we could see some maneuvering in Week 11. We break down the full playoff picture heading into Sunday.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, right, embraces Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill, left, after the AFC Division Playoffs at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore on Saturday, Jan. 11, 2020. Kenneth K. Lam/Baltimore Sun/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

UPDATE: We’ve got full updated playoff standings here.

Week 11 got off to a fun start with the Seahawks holding off the Cardinals in a critical NFC West matchup on Thursday Night Football. That division is going to come down to the wire and Seattle badly needed a win over Arizona to avoid dropping the head-to-head tiebreaker to them.

This week brings us arguably the best primetime schedule of the season. Cardinals-Seahawks opened things, and then we get Chiefs-Raiders on Sunday Night Football and Rams-Bucs on Monday Night Football. The Chiefs want to avoid losing the head-to-head tiebreaker with a sweep from the Raiders, while the Rams would move back into first place with a win over the Bucs.

Cardinals-Seahawks was arguably the single most important game of the week, but plenty of others will be worth tracking outside of the prime time slate. Titans-Ravens is key for wild card positioning thanks to the AFC entering Week 11 with six teams tied at 6-3. The Colts are atop that group thanks to their division lead, while the Titans end up at the bottom of the group thanks to NFL tiebreakers. The Colts get a tough matchup with Green Bay this week, so those two could flip if Indy loses and Tennessee wins.

On the NFC side, there’s not quite as much of an immediate chance of big changes, with there being a clear distinction between the seven playoff teams and the teams on the outside looking in. However, that Falcons-Saints game should not be slept on. That rivalry can bring plenty of fireworks, even when one team is struggling. The Saints and Bucs are nearly neck-and-neck at the moment, so Atlanta would probably love to play spoiler.

AFC playoff picture

1. Pittsburgh Steelers, 9-0
2. Kansas City Chiefs, 8-1
3. Buffalo Bills, 7-3
4. Indianapolis Colts, 6-3

5. Las Vegas Raiders, 6-3
6. Miami Dolphins, 6-3
7. Baltimore Ravens, 6-3

Outside looking in: Cleveland Browns (6-3), Tennessee Titans (6-3), New England Patriots (4-5)

Eagles (3-5-1) @ Browns (6-3)
Steelers (9-0) @ Jaguars (1-8)
Titans (6-3) @ Ravens (6-3)
Patriots (4-5) @ Texans (2-7)
Dolphins (6-3) @ Broncos (3-6)
Packers (7-2) @ Colts (6-3)
Chiefs (8-1) @ Raiders (6-3)

NFC playoff picture

1. Green Bay Packers, 7-2
2. New Orleans Saints, 7-2
3. Seattle Seahawks, 7-3
4. Philadelphia Eagles, 3-5-1

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 7-3
6. Los Angeles Rams, 6-3
7. Arizona Cardinals, 6-4

Outside looking in: Chicago Bears (5-5), Minnesota Vikings (4-5), Detroit Lions (4-5), San Francisco 49ers (4-6)

Seahawks 28, Cardinals 21
Eagles (3-5-1) @ Browns (6-3)
Falcons (3-6) @ Saints (7-2)
Lions (4-5) @ Panthers (3-7)
Packers (7-2) @ Colts (6-3)
Cowboys (2-7) @ Vikings (4-5)
Rams (6-3) @ Buccaneers (7-3)