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The New Mexico Bowl is now a lie, game moves to Frisco, Texas

The New Mexico Bowl has one job: To feature the beauty of The Land of Enchantment. They can’t even do that right.

San Diego State Aztecs wide receiver Jesse Matthews holds the winner’s trophy after he New Mexico Bowl against the Central Michigan Chippewas at Dreamstyle Stadium. San Diego State defeated Central Michigan 48-11.
Are you really going to give out this trophy for a game in the Metroplex?
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Bowl games are sponsored for many reasons. Bad Boy Mowers has loved the image of sideline reporters driving their lawn care equipment on the sidelines to an ESPN audience with no other college football games competing. Sometimes a throwaway line about a sponsor gets baked into the culture of the sport.

But in 2020, even the names of bowl games can be fake news, as the 2020 New Mexico Bowl will now take place in Frisco, Texas.

The New Mexico Bowl: Now with 100% less New Mexico!

The Land of Enchantment has been on the forefront of not letting sports get in the way of strict Covid-19 protocols statewide, and Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has been pretty clear about not allowing special dispensations for teams.

Remember this is also the game that was sponsored for three weeks with a company helmed by a “local actor and motivational speaker” that literally didn’t have any money. Like at all. It got brushed under the rug by ESPN Events pretty quickly, but we’ll still have the DreamHouse New Mexico Bowl forever in our hearts.

In 2020, even the names of bowl games need fact-checkers. But when they ask you what to call the 2020 New Mexico Bowl when it takes place in Texas, we’d strongly suggest you call it the 2020 New Mexico Bowl. Because one particular member of the bowl committee will not appreciate you besmirching it during this short-term hiatus.

And he’s a guy that would know something about interstate commerce.