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3 predictions for the Jake Paul vs. Nate Robinson fight

We’re all here to see Nate Rob knock a Youtube star into next week, aren’t we?

Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau arrive at at BOA steakhouse on September 18, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. Photo by twoeyephotos/MEGA/GC Images

Tonight’s boxing exhibition has a main card full of curiosity factor and stardom as Iron Mike Tyson, one of the most feared men to ever get inside the ropes, will fight Roy Jones Jr., a man that has held a boxing world championship in four different weight classes. And afterwards these two legends can head to Denny’s and use their AARP discounts on a Grand Slam breakfast.

The penultimate fight features former NBA slam dunk champion and known trash-talking GOAT Nate Robinson taking on “American YouTuber, internet personality, actor, and boxer” (according to Wikipedia) Jake Paul, a man with the 11th-most disliked video in Youtube history and more than a passing acquaintance with the N-word.

So this is basically the most 2020 event imaginable.

Paul is actually the only undefeated boxer on the main card, with a 1-0 career record after defeating fellow “Youtube Personality” Ali Eson Gib earlier in 2020. He’s got experience, but he’s going up against a man that played high-level college football for the Washington Huskies and 11 years in the NBA.

And DraftKings Sportsbook’s Mike Tyson vs. Jones Jr. Main Card $25,000 Picks Pool is where your predictions can turn into real cash. You can see our Tyson vs. Jones only pool picks here, and we make a few selections picks below:

Who will win?

  • Nate Robinson
  • Jake Paul

Paul will have a reach advantage, but so did everyone on Tyson in his prime. Once Robinson gets inside, he’s just a better athlete and can use pure power to score big. There weren’t a lot of stronger players per square inch in the NBA than Nate Rob, and that’s just a whole different level of athleticism than what he’ll see from anyone that puts “content creator” on their IRS 1040.

Nate Robinson vs. Jake Paul: Winning Method

  • Nate Robinson by KO, TKO, or DQ
  • Nate Robinson by Decision
  • Jake Paul by KO, TKO, or DQ
  • Jake Paul by Decision

Nate was a ball of fury as a player, and knew he had to get all his stuff in because he wasn’t playing 40 minutes a night in the NBA for most of his career. He’ll come out swinging early and often.

Nate Robinson vs. Jake Paul: Total Rounds

  • Over 3.5
  • Under 3.5

This is scheduled as a six-round fight, but we don’t think it goes that long. Whether it’s a shot to the head or just repeated body blows, we’ll take the former Knicks point guard to actually do some winning, something he didn’t see a lot of in five years at MSG.

But now we get to the truly important question:

Which song will Lil’ Wayne perform first?

  • Uproar
  • A Milli
  • I’m Goin In
  • Steady Mobbin

Weezy won’t be the only artist performing, as we’ll also have by DaBaby, French Montana, Wiz Khalifa, and YG in what the press release is calling “multi-song performances.”

Five, four, three, two, where the ones go? First on Weezy’s list has gotta be a track that gets everyone up and going. This is an event with a very diverse audience, so crossover appeal is big here. But a piece of advice for Mr. Tunechi: Don’t close with Knockout even if you can get Nicki Minaj involved. In fact let’s pretend that never happened. Everyone has a few misses, even Young Money.