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Eagles get back-door cover on Richard Rodgers hail mary catch

Talk about your bad beat!

For significant stretches of this week, you could bet the Eagles-Seahawks game at DraftKings Sportsbook with a line of 6.5. If you had the Eagles +6.5, you got a miracle. If you had the Seahawks -6.5, it was a hell of a bad beat. Even if you had Seattle -6, you end up with the worst push.

The Seahawks led 23-9 and the game was settled as far as the winner and loser was concerned. However, with 21 seconds left, Carson Wentz tossed up a 33-yard Hail Mary and Richard Rodgers hauled it in off the deflection.

The catch cut the Seahawks lead to 23-15 and then Doug Pederson elected to go for two. Miles Sanders rushed it up the middle to convert and the final score settled at 23-17. Considering how little Sanders had done all game (6 rushes for 15 yards), it somehow was fitting that he put the screws on Seahawks bettors.

Our condolences to those who grabbed the Seahawks at 6.5 or even 6. Our congratulations to those who had the Eagles at those numbers. The sportsbooks always know!