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D/ST rankings for Week 9 fantasy football

We take you through some of the best D/STs going in Week 9 for fantasy football, including a few viable streamers.

Head coach Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers celebrates with the defense after stopping the Baltimore Ravens on fourth down late in the fourth quarter at M&T Bank Stadium on November 01, 2020 in Baltimore, Maryland. Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

Covid-19 update

The Packers and 49ers are playing in spite of multiple Covid-19 issues on both sides. The Texans and Colts both have had positive tests, but remain on track to play this weekend. The big news is for Lions-Vikings where Matthew Stafford is on the Covid-19 IR list as a high risk close contact. He can be cleared by Sunday, but needs to have no negative tests all week.

Week 8 was good for D/STs who played against Ben DiNucci, Jared Goff, Matthew Stafford, Carson Wentz, Sam Darnold and Lamar Jackson. You know that Carson Wentz is having trouble when he helps the Cowboys to the fourth-most D/ST points for the week.

Week 9 byes: Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Los Angeles Rams, Philadelphia Eagles

These D/ST’s on bye are mostly streaming options at this point.

Streaming options

Washington Football Team

Daniel Jones continues to show flashes of offense, but he’s also a turnover machine that has consistently been a good target for D/STs. Washington and Chase Young haven’t lived up to their potential in the pass rush, but a week off and a great matchup should help.

Houston Texans

The Jaguars are still in tank mode and they will evaluate rookie Jake Luton this week, which should mean turnover opportunities for the Texans. And with a week off to prepare, I’d expect DeShaun Watson and company to be able to put up points and push Luton into pass first mode.

D/ST rankings for Week 7

Rk Name Opp
Rk Name Opp
1 Arizona Cardinals vs HOU
2 New Orleans Saints @ SEA
3 Los Angeles Rams vs DET
4 New England Patriots vs NYJ
5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs CHI
6 Carolina Panthers @ NYG
7 Denver Broncos @ CLE
8 Indianapolis Colts @ SF
9 Cleveland Browns vs DEN
10 San Francisco 49ers vs IND
11 Baltimore Ravens vs CIN
12 New York Giants vs CAR
13 Las Vegas Raiders vs PHI
14 Miami Dolphins vs ATL
15 Green Bay Packers vs WAS
16 Kansas City Chiefs @ TEN
17 Philadelphia Eagles @ LV
18 Seattle Seahawks vs NO
19 Atlanta Falcons @ MIA
20 New York Jets @ NE
21 Detroit Lions @ LAR
22 Chicago Bears @ TB
23 Cincinnati Bengals @ BAL
24 Washington Football Team @ GB
25 Houston Texans @ ARI
26 Tennessee Titans vs KC