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People are #MadOnline about missing Saturday Night Live due to Clemson-Notre Dame

The game of the year in college football went to overtime, and when you add in an unending amount of instant replay reviews, it cut into NBC going Live From New York.

Dave Chappelle is seen with staff before rehearsal for SNL at NBC Studio in Midtown Manhattan on November 7, 2020 in New York City. Photo by Robert Kamau/GC Images

An American institution is a bit delayed tonight, and there are people on the internet very unhappy about it.

Saturday Night Live will be delayed tonight due to the Clemson vs. Notre Dame game running long and into double overtime, and let’s just say there are many people that are not pleased!

(Psst: College football is better. We said it. Fight us)

Having the #1 team in the country in Clemson play the #4 team in Notre Dame, in the first-ever big ACC game in Fighting Irish history, on a night where there wasn’t a ton of other football that was worth watching... didn’t exactly engage everyone.

John does have a point: We have been waiting for way too much stuff this week. Especially these refs I mean YOU DON’T HAVE TO REVIEW EVERY SINGLE PLAY GUYS!!

But it gets worse for fans of both Chappelle and the Foo Fighters (tonight’s musical act): Now you’ve got to wait for your late, late, late local news for 30 minutes. Ahh, network affiliate contracts: They’re iron-clad, apparently!

My local news started at 11:48 p.m, so it’ll be a quarter after midnight before you see SNL’s Cold Open. And this is usually when Weekend Update starts.

Set your DVR’s, our #MadOnline friends above.