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How is LeBron getting over his ankle injury? By drinking more wine of course!

Lakers superstar has been dealing with an ankle injury and upped his wine consumption in order to prepare for playing on Christmas Day.

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James and forward Anthony Davis wait to enter the game against the LA Clippers in the third quarter at Staples Center. Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We all know LeBron James wishes he was in a dreamworld that takes place in the movie ‘Sideways’ and that’s fine, because he’s the best basketball player on the planet. What we did not know was that LeBron was using an ankle injury as an excuse to drink more wine.

Before the Los Angeles Lakers tipped off against the Dallas Mavericks on Christmas Night, ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols told the broadcast that LeBron had been drinking more wine to help recover from his ailing ankle. Apparently, if LeBron drinks wine down the left side of his mouth, it will go into his left ankle and magically heal it? Is this legitimate? I need a doctor to confirm.