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Why you should trade for Spencer Dinwiddie in season-long fantasy basketball

Kyrie Irving is back and that’s going to effect Spencer Dinwiddie’s production. However, are people going to be to willing to sell?

NBA: Miami Heat at Brooklyn Nets Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

In a vacuum, Spencer Dinwiddie is an incredible fantasy basketball asset. So far this season, he’s averaging career-highs in points per game (21.5), field goal attempts per game (17.0) and rebounds per game (3.3). In fact, his performance has been good enough to make people consider the former second-round pick as a fringe Eastern Conference All-Star candidate. Unfortunately, value isn’t solely individual. Players are inherently viewed in the context of situation and Dinwiddie’s just changed substantially with the return of Kyrie Irving. Still, while that might make some people afraid of Dinwiddie’s stock going forward, is there really a reason to jump to sell?

Why you should trade for Spencer Dinwiddie in Fantasy Basketball

This seems like it could be a classic spot to catch owners in a state of overreaction. Irving’s back?! How will Dinwiddie possibly score now? I mean, there’s only one basketball. Here’s the thing, many teams, some of the best ones, have multiple scoring options. Crazy, I know. Since Irving’s return from an extended shoulder injury on Jan. 12, Dinwiddie still leads the Nets in minutes per game (31.6), potential assists per game (12.2) and average time of possession per game (5.7 minutes). He’s still also possessed an overall usage rate of 25.5%, a figure that’s up at 29.1% in the run he’s received with Irving riding the pine. Kenny Atkinson is going to stagger his two point guards and Dinwiddie’s not going to keep shooting 37.7% from the field like he has across his past six contests. He and Irving can co-exist. I mean, even if they couldn’t, he’s the league’s best handcuff to a guy who’s never played more than 75 games in a single season.