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Marcell Frazier gets in Quinton Flowers face picks off pass at goal line for score

The Seattle Dragons got a huge turnover and score to take the lead against Tampa Bay. Check out the video.

The Seattle Dragons got what they’re hoping is a game-changing defensive play in the third quarter against the Tampa Bay Vipers. Tampa quarterback Quinton Flowers was setting up a screen pass on 3rd and 24 when defensive end Marcell Frazier got in his face. Frazier just reached up and grabbed the ball as it was thrown. He made the play right near the goal line and so he was easily able to get the score.

This was the conclusion of a brutal series of players for the Vipers. They were called for delay of game, and crowd noise made it difficult to hear the whistle. Frazier ran into Flowers and knocked him over but there was no call. Tackle Isaiah Williams headbutted Frazier in response and was flagged for a personal foul. It set up 3rd and 24, which resulted in the scoer.