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What to do with Travis Kelce, George Kittle in Super Bowl DFS

We’ve got arguably the two best TEs in the NFL going head-to-head in the Super Bowl. Who should you be playing in DFS?

I know that everyone’s at least a little sad that we won’t have another multi-game NFL slate for the next six months, but one of the positives of the Showdown model is that you don’t have to limit yourself positionally. Take this Sunday’s Super Bowl as a prime example of what I’m talking about. Maybe this contest isn’t the best example of a situation where you’d want to use two quarterbacks in a single lineup, but how about two tight ends? With Travis Kelce ($9,400) and George Kittle ($8,400) taking the field this weekend in Miami, we’ve got arguably the two best at what they do in all of football. But do you want to use either?

Fantasy Football Analysis: Chiefs TE Travis Kelce, 49ers TE George Kittle

At first glance, it’s easy to understand why Kelce is the more expensive asset of the duo on this particular slate. These are the kinds of things that happen when a team wins a game by throwing the ball just eight times. However, that’s in no way selling Kelce’s own exploits short. He is, without question, the No. 1 red zone weapon on the Chiefs roster. In general, that’s a high-leverage position in any organization, but, for Kansas City, it’s a wealth of opportunity. Kelce ended the regular season as the only player in the NFL owning a team target share of above 40% from inside the opponent’s 10-yard line. Then, in the Divisional Round, he went out and caught three touchdowns of fewer than 10 yards. He’s always a threat and his ceiling is always high, especially for a team with an implied total of 28 points.

That doesn’t necessarily mean I like Kelce more than I like Kittle, though. While it was jarring to see the Pro Bowler held to a single reception in the NFC Championship Game, Kittle’s production is simply a product of script. So far in the playoffs, the 26-year-old has been asked to run block on 84 of San Francisco’s offensive snaps, while he’s run a route only 28 times. It’s not like he needs those numbers inverted to have a DFS impact, either. Kittle averaged an elite 0.54 PPR fantasy points and 2.57 yards per route so far in 2019 — figures that blow Kelce’s very, very good marks completely out of the water from an efficiency standpoint. Also, there’s the matter of matchup. Not only do the Chiefs tend to induce opponents into passing the football with their ferocious offensive attack, but, on top of that, Kansas City surrendered an AFC-high 140 targets to TEs during the regular season. I think Kyle Shanahan is going to be forced into a more balanced approach this weekend and Kittle will be where Jimmy Garoppolo leans the most. He’s a Captain’s Pick consideration.

Start/Sit Recommendation

Start Kelce. Start Kittle.