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Joe Burrow clears up that yes, he would play for the Bengals if drafted by them

This won’t end the narrative for some media outlets, but it’s helpful that LSU quarterback and likely No. 1 pick Joe Burrow addressed the stories.

Joe Burrow of the LSU Tigers eludes the rush from the Clemson Tigers during the College Football Playoff National Championship held at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on January 13, 2020 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

Various media outlets, most notably Pro Football Talk, have pushed a narrative that LSU quarterback and likely No. 1 pick Joe Burrow might not want to play for the Cincinnati Bengals if they select him at the top of the 2020 NFL Draft. On Tuesday at the NFL Combine, Burrow had a chance to address the chatter.

Burrow acknowledged that whoever picks you picks you when it comes to the draft. He said he is not going to not play, which removes whatever leverage he might have had in forcing the Bengals hand — if that’s what he had wanted to do. He also said it would be cool to be able to play in Ohio given that his hometown is only a couple hours away.

This is not going to entirely end this narrative because the media has to have something to talk about when the No. 1 pick appears to be settled over two months before the draft happens. I can picture a “well, he didn’t sound super enthused about it,” or “he didn’t say specifically ‘I want to play for the Bengals,’” but it should be enough.

It’s also worth noting, Burrow announced he will not throw at the Combine.