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Yale draws a four-point play to get to overtime vs. Harvard... and misses the free throw! VIDEO

Azar Swain pulled off the miracle down four, but missed the free throw to tie the game and the clock expired

Yale Bulldogs guard Azar Swain looks to pass against North Carolina Tar Heels guard Brandon Robinson in the first half at Dean E. Smith Center.  Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

The Harvard-Yale game ended in pretty dramatic fashion, as some smart kids committed a pretty dumb foul that almost cost the Crimson the game.

With 5.6 seconds left and down four, Yale inbounded to their best player Azar Swain. And then this happened:

The only problem was it took the refs a good 2-3 minutes to establish how much time should be on the clock. Eventually they put back a bit over a second... but it gave Swain a lot of time to think about it and lose his rhythm.

He missed the free throw short as Harvard rebounded, Yale was so stunned they forgot to foul, and the game ended with Harvard escaping 78-77.

Not a lot of smart basketball down the stretch of an Ivy League classic from kids we’ll all likely be working for someday.