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Best lineup strategy for Lakers vs. Clippers NBA Simulation Showdown

The Battle for Los Angeles gets thrown in the simulator for Tuesday’s Showdown contest on DraftKings. Let’s break it down.

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James dribbles the ball as LA Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard defends in the first half at Staples Center.  Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Battle for Los Angeles gets a new meaning when DraftKings runs it through the old simulation for Tuesday night’s featured Showdown contest. LeBron James and Anthony Davis will virtually take on Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in Lakers vs. Clippers. Let’s take a look at some picks and ways to approach this contest on DraftKings. Here’s the link to the contest and be sure to check out the rules before entering a lineup.

Captain’s Picks

There seem to be a lot of ways to go at Captain and I think paying down a bit is the right strategy, since we want to fit in everyone. Because of this, Montrezl Harrell ($11,700) believe it or not is my favorite option at Captain. He doesn’t have the same type of ceiling, but I like his floor a bit better than Paul George ($12,600). LeBron ($17,700), AD ($15,900) and Kawhi ($15,300) are all going to run you up and will force some values into play. If we want to fit in the big four, we’d need to get some value. If you don’t want to go the Harrell route, Reggie Jackson ($3,900) is dirt cheap and has some decent box scores when he returned from injury while with the Detroit Pistons before joining the Clippers.

FLEX Options

Like I said above, the idea is to fit in a few cheap options and then stack all of the studs. Since it’s a simulation and you’re essentially randomly rolling a players box score, the chances of getting four massive games from LeBron, AD, Kawhi and PG-13 is too hard to pass up. Maybe the only one I’m fading is PG, since he’s been hurt for most of the season and hasn’t had too many outrageous box scores. LeBron and AD seem like locks in this contest. I’d show some love for Marcus Morris ($7,000) as well. He was leading the Knicks in scoring before joining the Clippers, so there’s a chance you get a pretty decent game out of him at a cheap price tag.