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Best lineup strategy for Cowboys vs. Eagles Madden simulation Showdown

Ezekiel Elliot and Amari Cooper headline the list of best captain candidates for Showdown contests centered around Tuesday’s Cowboys-Eagles Madden simulation.

Amari Cooper #19 of the Dallas Cowboys runs with the ball in the first quarter against the Washington Redskins in the game at AT&T Stadium on December 29, 2019 in Arlington, Texas. Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles will face off in a simulated Madden 20 game Tuesday.These two teams faced off for the weakest division win in 2019 and now we pit them head to head again in a Madden simulation. We broke down the ideal showdown lineup strategy for the contest, which you can play at DraftKings.

Captain’s Picks

Amari Cooper, Cowboys ($14,400)

Of the two defenses, the Eagles have the weaker cornerbacks, as Madden favors Byron Jones over Ronald Darby as it should. Cooper’s offensive rating is second overall in this matchup while the Eagles defense is better against the run than the pass. Cooper is also far ahead of Michael Gallup and Jason Witten in Madden rating, which should help focus targets his way while Alshon Jeffery and DeSean Jackson are just one point apart in their overall ratings.

Ezekiel Elliott, Cowboys ($15,000)

Elliott has the highest Madden rating in this matchup and is second only to Christian McCaffrey while leading all backs in awareness rating. He is the most-likely to score a touchdown for the Cowboys and should be the safest play in the Captain’s slot.

Flex Men

DeSean Jackson, Eagles ($6,600 )

Jackson leads all the offensive players in speed rating while Carson Wentz has the best deep throw rating between himself and Prescott. These simulations are also shorter than regular NFL games, so a player who can put up big fantasy points on one reception is one I want to lean into.

Miles Sanders, Eagles ($7,400)

The depth chart going into this matchup has Miles Sanders as the No. 1 running back over Jordan Howard, so I feel okay slotting him in here at his price. He also is the better receiver and should be able to pick up some fantasy points through the air with DraftKings giving us a full point per reception.