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Could this be the longest beer snake ever?

DC Defenders fans create a massive “beer snake” as DC takes on St. Louis in Week 5 of the XFL.

Fans celebrate at the start of the beer cup snake during the second half of the XFL game between the DC Defenders and the St. Louis Battlehawks at Audi Field on March 8, 2020 in Washington, DC. Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

The DC Defenders broke out of their slump on Sunday, beating the St. Louis BattleHawks 15-6 to go 3-2. Their win probably can’t be attributed directly to their fans creating a monster “Beer Snake” built from the thousands of used beer cups strewn about the stadium, but you also can’t say it wasn’t the major factor guiding Jhurell Pressley to his first 100 yard game as a Defender.

After the Defenders coach Pep Hamilton benched slumping Cardale Jones in the first quarter, the team needed a boost and the beer snake was there to pick the team up on its “shoulders?” and drukenly slither them to victory.

With the coronavirus moving across the states at the moment, I don’t think the CDC would put the beer snake on their list of activities to pursue, but it happened and it was spectacular.

Even XFL commish Oliver Luck was there to christen the beer snake. I’m assuming he made it the official mascot of the XFL, but we’ll wait on the forms to be processed and for the league to find suitable habitat and a keeper to ethically keep the beer snake happy.