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Best lineup strategy for April 13th Madden full slate simulation DFS

We break down the best lineup strategies for Tuesday’s triple-header slate of Madden 20 simulation.

Washington wide receiver Terry McLaurin celebrates with Redskins quarterback Dwayne Haskins after a play against the Detroit Lions during the second half at FedExField. Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

DraftKings is back with another Madden simulation triple-header with accompanying daily fantasy football. Today we get to see three simulations, as Washington heads to take on the New York Giants, the L.A. Chargers face the Minnesota Vikings and the Indianapolis Colts take on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

We’ve got three Showdown contests for the triple-header, but there is also a classic matchup featuring the full 3-game slate. We break down some lineup options for the contest, which you can play at DraftKings.


Dwayne Haskins, Washington ($5,600)

Haskins is the lowest rated of the six quarterbacks, but he has the best matchup against a Giants defense that is the worst rated in the game. Given Haskins’ salary in this contest, it’s a chance to get some decent upside for a bargain price.

Running backs

Saquon Barkley, Giants ($6,700)

Running backs don’t get enough carries to be useful in these simulations with rushing yards, but can get their numbers up with receptions and touchdowns. Of the starting running backs who we know will get every-down snaps, Barkley is rated as the best receiver with better ratings across the board than Dalvin Cook, who would be my second pick at running back. Washington’s defensive isn’t awful against running backs, but the Chargers make for a tougher matchup, especially against receiving backs than Washington.

Nyheim Hines, Colts ($3,600)

There is some impressive value in Hines in this game. He’s behind Marlon Mack on the depth chart, but is the second highest scoring running back through three games among these six teams. He comes in at a 75 overall rating with a 68 catch rating for the passing game, but the simulator seems to like him.

Wide Receivers

JuJu Smith-Schuster, Steelers ($6,600)

Smith-Schuster gets a good matchup with the Colts average secondary and has one of the better “catch in traffic” ratings on the slate. His quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, is also one of the higher rated QBs going today and has the second-best medium and short accuracy ratings to Rivers while having traits called “Last Ditch” and “Anchored Extender,” which help him extend plays and keep from getting sacked.

Terry McLaurin, Washington ($5,800)

A solid rookie season saw him shoot up the ratings in Madden. He’s hit or miss thus far in Madden sims, Dwayne Haskins’ lack of too many weapons should provide some opportunities for McLaurin against a bad Giants defense.

Darius Slayton, Giants ($3,800)

This is very much a flier pick. After catching four receptions for 25 yards in the Giants first sim, Slayton caught five passes for 112 yards in their second game. Odds are decent that was an outlier performance, but if you’re looking to save big to spend big elsewhere, Slayton is worth a roll of the dice.

Tight Ends

Evan Engram, Giants ($5,700)

Engram has a 90 speed rating and is the highest rated tight end on the slate, while getting a good matchup against Washington, who has poorly rated safeties and linebackers. This game could turn into a shootout given the nature of both defenses.

Jordan Reed, Washington ($5,000)

In real life, Reed can’t stay healthy. In Madden, we know he’ll be 100 percent heading into this game. He’s the fourth highest rated tight end in the game and had a solid performance in his one game with 25 yards and a touchdown. There’s some upside there.

Defense/Special Teams

Pittsburgh Steelers ($3,900)

Pittsburgh isn’t a great defense in Madden, but of this group they have the highest point total through two games — averaging 13 DKFP. Baltimore has a higher team defense rating in Madden, but they face Patrick Mahomes and the high-flying Chiefs offense in this contest. The Steelers face Jacoby Brissett, the second lowest rated quarterback of this group, and an overall shaky offense. The value is here.