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Live updates, grades, betting & fantasy implications for Day 3 of 2020 NFL Draft

Rounds 4-7 of the 2020 NFL Draft start this afternoon at noon ET. We’ll provide live updates all afternoon including, random grades, betting and fantasy football implications, and more throughout day three.

7:04 p.m.
#255 Giants: Tae Crowder, LB, Georgia

And that will do it! A big congrats to everyone that survived this much of the draft, and especially to Crowder, who gets a parade and a statue and a dinner in his honor as the 2020 Mr. Irrelevant.

There will be plenty of time to grade and break down what’s happened the last three days, but for now we’re signing off here. Hope you enjoyed this weird/fun recap!

6:56 p.m.
#254 Broncos: Derrek Tuszka, LB, North Dakota State
#253 Vikings: Kyle Hilton, G, Washburn
#252 Broncos: Tyrie Cleveland, WR, Florida
#251 Seahawks: Stephen Sullivan, TE, LSU
#250 Rams: Tremayne Anchrum, G, Clemson
#249 Vikings: Brian Cole II, S, Mississippi State
#248 Rams: Sam Sloman, K, Miami (OH)

Washburn University! It’s a D2 in Topeka, Kansas if you’re curious. And now the real drama... who will be Mr. Irrelevant?

6:41 p.m.
#247 Giants: Chris Williamson, CB, Minnesota
#246 Dolphins: Malcolm Perry, QB, Navy
#245 Buccaneers: Raymond Calais, RB, Louisiana
#244 Vikings: Nate Stanley, QB, Iowa
#243: Titans: Chris Jackson, S, Marshall
#242 Packers: Jonathan Garvin, DE, Miami

Malcolm Perry is the feel-good story of the draft. Famously called into a game at halftime from the stands during his freshman year, he ended up with an 11-2 record and beating Army in a fantastic performance in his senior season. He was a triple-option QB for the Middies, but will likely slot in as a wide receiver at the next level, much like his predecessor in Annapolis Keenan Reynolds.

6:31 p.m.
#241 Buccaneers: Chapelle Russell, LB, Temple
#240: Saints: Tommy Stevens, QB, Mississippi State
#239 Bills: Dane Jackson, CB, Pittsburgh
#238: Giants: TJ Brunson, LB, South Carolina
#237: Titans: Thakarius Keyes, CB, Tulane
#236 Packers: Vernon Scott, S, TCU

A nice retrospective by ESPN of the work of Chris Mortensen and Mel Kiper Jr., and everyone sending their good thoughts to Todd McShay, who is a victim of Covid-19, but seems to be in good health.

This has been a tough gig, and the on-air talent for ESPN has been very good under tough circumstances. Any problems with the broadcast seem to be from the directors and producers, but it’s been fast and fun and pretty informative when they’ve allowed them to contribute.

6:17 p.m.
#235 Lions: Jashon Cornell, DE, Ohio State
#234 Rams: Clay Johnston, LB, Baylor
#233 Eagles: Casey Toohill, DE, Stanford
#232 Steelers: Carlos Davis, DE, Nebraska
#231 Cowboys: Ben DiNucci, QB, James Madison
#230 Patriots: Dustin Woodard, C, Memphis

Are we a bit behind here? A smidge. Because we had to memorialize the greatness that is Kliff Kingsbury’s home being memorialized in plastic form. Live that desert live, Mr. Gosling. You’ve earned it.

6:00 p.m.
#229 Washington: James Smith-Williams, DE, NC State
#228 Falcons: Sterling Hofrichter, P, Syracuse
#227 Bears: Lachavious Simmons, G, Tennessee State
#226 Bears: Arlington Hambright, T, Colorado
#225 Vikings: Kenny Willekes, DE, Michigan State
#224 Titans: Cole McDonald, QB, Hawai’i

If you love Jameis Winston, you’re going to be obsessed with Cole McDonald. In his last two seasons at Hawai’i, he had 995 pass attempts for 8010 yards. He also had 70 touchdowns and 24 interceptions, some of the picks just glorious in their poor decision making. His many fumbles were works of art, as he vacillated between quality pocket awareness and a manner of self-reflection suggesting he was merging the Run And Shoot and the waves of Diamond Head in his mind all at the same time, man.

If he ever puts it together, he’s got a future. But if some time in an NFL camp can polish his skills, the Titans might have a future starter on their hands.

5:47 p.m.
#223 Jaguars: Chris Claybrooks, CB, Memphis
#222 Cardinals: Eno Benjamin, RB, Arizona State
#221 Panthers: Stantley Thomas-Oliver, CB, FIU
#220 Chargers: K.J. Hill, WR, Ohio State
#219 Ravens: Geno Stone, S, Iowa

If you want a sleeper in this draft, the Cardinals might have just stolen one with their hometown kid Eno Benjamin. He was an absolute monster for the Sun Devils in 2018 with 1,642 yards on a 5.5 YPC average. That fell back a bit in 2019, but mostly due to a shift in philosophy in Tempe and a freshman quarterback in Jayden Daniels.

But he’s got as much talent as anyone in this draft. He might regret coming out early being picked this late, but the ceiling is the roof for his future.

We’ll get back to grading draft broadcast minutia instead of trying to provide actual analysis now.

5:33 p.m.
#218 Giants: Carter Coughlin, LB Minnesota
#217 49ers: Jauan Jennings, WR, Tennessee
#216 Washington: Karmen Curl, S, Arkansas
#215 Bengals: Markus Bailey, LB, Purdue
#214 Seahawks: Freddie Swain, WR, Florida
#213 Colts: Jordan Glasgow, LB, Michigan

Adam Schefter sighting! His bookcase is too close to his head however, and some cheesy mini-helmets surround him. But a copy of John U. Bacon’s “Playing Hurt” biography of John Saunders is over his shoulder on the bookcase.

5:16 p.m.
#212 Colts: Dezmon Patmon, WR, Washington State
#211 Colts: Isaiah Rodgers, CB, UMass
#210 Eagles: Prince Tega Wanogho, T, Auburn
#209 Packers: Simon Stepaniak, T, Indiana
#208 Packers: Jake Hanson, C, Oregon
#207 Bills: Isaiah Hodgins, WR, Oregon State

Yeah that was One Republic performing “Better Days” for Pick 210. Let’s check in on Twitter and see what people thought!

Friendly reminder that Twitter hates everything that isn’t dog videos, but fair to say these musical interludes could have been better. Points for trying and creativity however under difficult circumstances. B-.

5:01 p.m.
#206 Jaguars: Tyler Davis, TE, Georgia Tech
#205: Vikings: Josh Metellus, S, Michigan
#204: Patriots: Cassh Maluia, LB, Wyoming
#203: Vikings: Blake Brandel, T, Oregon State
#202: Cardinals: Evan Weaver, LB, Cal

The prop bet that hasn’t cashed yet: “Times the Chargers will be referred to as San Diego during the broadcast” was set at 1.5. We haven’t heard it once yet from what I can tell, and I’ve put a dent in my recliner while watching every minute of this thing.

Was that a real prop bet? Could you book it anywhere? Maybe...

Also can we just go to centimeters for heights of these players? 6’1 7/8 is pretty clunky compared to 187 centimeters. And then we get the bonus of anyone 6’7 being known as a two-meter man.

There’s 49 picks left. Somehow, we’ll get through this together.

4:42 p.m.
#201 Vikings: James Proche, WR, SMU
#200 Eagles: Quez Watkins, WR, Southern Miss
#199 Rams: Jordan Fuller, S, Ohio State
#198 Steelers: Anotine Brooks Jr., S, Maryland
#197 Lions: John Penisini, DT, Utah

Roger Goodell! In a t-shirt and khakis! HE’S RELATABLE PEOPLE! Is that a commissioner or the background actor in a Cialis commerical?

4:29 p.m.
#196 Eagles: Shaun Bradley, LB, Temple
#195 Patriots: Justin Herron, T, Wake Forest
#194 Buccaneers: Khalil Davis, DT, Nebraska
#193 Colts: Robert Windsor, DT, Penn State
#192 Packers: Jon Runyan, G, Michigan
#191 Jets: Braden Mann, P, Texas A&M

That’s now four specialists off the board before the seventh round (if you count a long snapper), and yet another legacy in Jon Runyan, whose father played in the NFL for 14 seasons before being elected to Congress twice, mostly for the Eagles.

And speaking of Eagles, the Birds take hometown kid Shaun Bradley from six miles up Broad Street at Temple. Let’s hope he’s not the biggest flameout draft pick named Shau(w)n Bradley in Philly pro sports history.

4:15 p.m.
#190 49ers: Charlie Woerner, TE, Georgia
#189 Jaguars: Jake Luton, QB, Oregon State
#188 Bills: Tyler Bass, K, Georgia Southern
#187 Browns: Donovan Peoples-Jones, WR, Michigan
#186 Chargers: Alohi Gilman, S, Notre Dame

Let’s give props where they’re due: ESPN has done a tremendous job in the technical direction of this broadcast. You’ve got people in locations all across the country, with satellite and Comrex delays everywhere, and it’s been relatively seamless.

But the mentioning of the dead relatives of every player that’s been picked and the focus on the tragedy in their lives has also been a bit gross. It’s felt a bit exploitative honestly, and let’s hope a return to a live broadcast in Vegas next year makes this go away.

No one knew how this draft was going to play out, so let’s hope this is a mistake in direction as opposed to a trend.

3:57 p.m.
#185: Dolphins: Blake Ferguson, LS, LSU
#184 Panthers: Bravvion Roy, DT, Baylor
#183 Giants: Cam Brown, LB, Penn State
#182 Patriots: Michael Onwenu, G, Michigan
#181 Broncos: Netane Muti, G, Fresno State

H.E.R. is now performing. What does H.E.R. stand for? Is she popular? Am I supposed to know this song? Am I no longer cool if I don’t?

I’m not showing I can be on the cutting edge of what’s happening now. If you’re not growing as a coach, you’re dying. D+ for me.


3:44 p.m.
#180 Bengals: Hakeem Adeniji, T, Kansas
#179 Cowboys: Bradlee Anae, DE, Utah
#178 Broncos: Justin Strnad, LB, Wake Forest
#177 Chiefs: Mike Danna, DE, Michigan
#176 Vikings: K.J. Osborn, WR, Miami
#175 Packers: Kamal Martin, LB, Minnesota
#174: Titans: Larell Murchison, DT, NC State

Myron Rolle is now on your TV talking to Trey Wingo. Myron Rolle was a fantastic defensive back at Florida State. Myron Rolle then took a year off to become a Rhodes Scholar and delayed his entry into the NFL for a year. Myron Rolle then made the roster of the Tennessee Titans and was in NFL camps for three seasons. Dr. Myron Rolle is now a neurosurgeon.

You will never, ever be as good at anything as Myron Rolle is at everything. Enjoy your draft.

3:29 p.m.
#173: Bears: Darnell Mooney, WR, Tualen
#172 Lions: Jason Huntley, RB, New Mexico State
#171 Texans: Isaiah Coulter, WR, Rhode Island
#170 Ravens: Broderick Washington Jr., DT, Texas Tech
#169 Vikings: Harrison Hand, CB, Temple
#168 Eagles: John Hightower, WR, Boise State

Let’s grade the backdrops for the ESPN talking heads:

Chris Mortensen: D. Poor visual acuity, looks crooked. Points for an ESPN iPad.
Mel Kiper Jr.: B. A pleasant blue-to-purple painting, iwth some helmets and a bookshelf. The picture of the bridges in the background to indicate the city (is that Baltimore??) is lovely.
Louis Riddick: B. Pitt and Raiders helmets, and a painted football celebrating an NFL interception with the Browns. Would be a C for boringness mediocrity, but bonus points for the Jay-Z biography by Michael Eric Dyson over his right shoulder — and is that a GameBoy??

3:12 p.m.
#167 Bills: Jake Fromm, QB, Georgia
#166 Lions: Quintez Cephus, WR, Wisconsin

And the last bit of drama for today is off the board, as Jake Fromm is off to the Bills. Will he ever compete for the starting job with Josh Allen? And that’s the first time I’ve ever seen ESPN say a guy was picked — and then tease what team took him as they go to commercial! Some dirty pool by Trey Wingo, forcing people to look at their cell phones. D+ move, shows selfish instincts, but coachable because a producer for sure told him to do that.

3:06 p.m.
#165 Jaguars: Collin Johnson, WR, Texas
#164 Dolphins: Curtis Weaver, DE, Boise State
#163 Bears: Kindle Vildor, CB, Georgia Southern
#162 Washington: Khaleke Hudson, LB, Michigan
#161 Buccaneers: Tyler Johnson, WR, Minnesota
#160 Browns: Nick Harris, C, Washington

Many people in Tampa have said the Bucs could take a few lessons from the Lightning for a long time. The Bolts are beloved in town not only because they win, but due to the massive community investment and goodwill they put into the city they call home. And it shows as they’re frequently rated the best franchise in North American sports. While the Bucs and their ownership are somewhat loathed here, and not just because they haven’t won a playoff game since their Super Bowl victory 18 years ago.

But drafting a guy named Tyler Johnson, when a very popular one already exists here, might be going a bit too far. Though Johnson’s last college game? The Outback Bowl in Raymond James Stadium!

2:50 p.m.
#159 Patriots: Justin Rohrwasser, K, Marshall
#158 Jets: Bryce Hall, CB, Virginia
#157 Jaguars: Daniel Thomas, S, Auburn
#156 Washington: Keith Ismael, C, San Diego State
#155 Bears: Trevis Gipson, LB, Tulsa
#154 Dolphins: Jason Strowbridge, DE, North Carolina

We’re stunned here: 1. the first kicker off the board isn’t Rodrigo Blankenship of Georgia, and 2. Belichek took a kicker! Isn’t his entire M.O. finding guys off the scrap heap with the “do your job” ethos that don’t get paid until they leave for somewhere else?

This is probably a C pick, but will be graded as A- because of the man making it. Ernie Adams will be fitting him for that new laser-guided football-tracking mouth guard he’s been working on in his lair in the Pats training complex for two decades as soon as Rohrwasser passes his physical.

2:30 p.m.
#153 Dolphins 49ers: Colton McKivitz, OL, West Virginia
#152 Panthers: Kenny Robinson, S, West Virginia
#151 Chargers: Joe Reed, WR, Virginia
#150 Giants: Shane Lemieux, G, Oregon
#149 Colts: Danny Pinter, G, Ball State

We’re coming live from sunny Tampa, Florida, where people are walking around (while social distancing!) on this 84 degree day. But those people still using the sidewalks when there’s absolutely no cars on the road? Not creative thinkers. Probably not great Wonderlic scores, be forewarned of their ability to pick up a playbook in camp.

ABS: Always Be Scouting.

2:17 p.m.
#148 Seahawks: Alton Robinson, DE, Syracuse
#147 Bengals: Khalid Kareem, DE, Notre Dame
#146 Eagles Cowboys: Tyler Biadasz, C, Wisconsin
#145 Eagles: Jack Driscoll, G, Auburn
#144 Seahawks: DeeJay Dallas, RB, Miami

We’re glad Sean Payton is feeling much better from Covid-19, and he’s also said he’s donated blood to help treat other patients during his recovery. A terrific job by him to also mention how giving blood and plasma can be helpful to us getting through this crisis.

But yeah he def cut his own hair.

And we say this as someone that’s had to take their hair into their own hands already: Just cue ball it all. By the time it comes back, you’ll be able to get it trimmed by someone that knows what they’re doing. Poor decision-making from a coach that once pulled one of the great on-sides kicks ever in a Super Bowl. C- here however.

2:02 p.m.
#143 Ravens: Ben Bredeson, G, Michigan
#142 Washington: Antonio Gandy-Golden, WR, Liberty
#141 Texans: John Reid, CB, Penn State
#140 Jaguars: Shaq Quarterman, LB, Miami
#139 Raiders: Amik Robertson, CB, La Tech

If you’re falling in line here for the draft, it’s very possible you’ve ordered lunch in today. Here’s our rankings on nationwide chain restaurants that deliver, rated by how they pack their food to-go:

A: Chipotle, Domino’s
The burrito naturally lends itself to easy portability. The Domino’s bags they give their drivers also do an excellent job of keeping your food warm upon delivery.
B: Carrabba’s
Quality plastic food packing.
C: Outback
Just not a lot of natural talent here: Steak is delicious, but needs to be served quickly off the grill. Doing the best they can with the talent available, but not much upside at all.
D: Rubio’s
As good as burritos translate is how bad tacos do. UDFA at best.

1:48 p.m.
#138 Chiefs: L’Jarius Sneed, S, Louisiana Tech
#137 Jaguars: Josiah Scott, CB, Michigan State
#136 Rams: Brycen Parkins, TE, Purdue
#135 Steelers: Kevin Dotson, G, Louisiana
#134 Falcons: Jaylinn Hawkins, S, Cal

Andy Reid’s Tommy Bahama shirt? A+. The championship winning Big Red is going to be a Big Red we like a lot more. Maybe he’ll finally start letting his guard down. “Time’s yours” could be a lot more fun in 2020.

1:36 p.m.
#133 Seahawks: Colby Parkinson, TE, Stanford
#132 Vikings: Troy Dye, LB, Oregon
#131 Cardinals: Rashard Lawrence, DT, LSU

And now we have Luke Bryan performing, who is partnering with Verizon to bring you music during the NFL Draft. This is nice if they’re giving money to struggling businesses but Luke Bryan can’t do a sound check before he performs on national television? And is that a 4G cell phone hot spot he’s using to connect? Awful lotta latency here. The song? “Play It Again.” Actually — don’t. D+.

1:24 p.m.
#130 Vikings: James Lynch, DT, Baylor
#129 Jets: Cameron Clark, OT, Charlotte
#128 Bills: Gabriel Davis, WR, UCF
#127 Eagles: K’Von Wallace, S, Clemson
#126 Texans: Charlie Heck, OT, North Carolina

We say this as a fan and alumni of a school that strongly dislikes the University of Central Florida (did you know they misappropriated $100 million recently?): Gabriel Davis is an absolute stud. Fast, physical, massive catch radius. He’s a steal in the fourth round. The pick is an A+, and we wish the young man well.

The school Davis attended? F-, and we hope it gets absorbed by another area community college with more fiscal responsibility as soon as possible.

1:06 p.m.
#125 Jets: James Morgan, QB, FIU
#124 Steelers: Anthony McFarland Jr., RB, Maryland
#123 Cowboys: Reggie Robinson II, CB, Tulsa
#122 Colts: Jacob Eason, QB, Washington
#121 Lions: Logan Stenberg, G, Kentucky

And there goes the first quarterbacks since Jalen Hurts in the middle of the second round. Eason is a backup for Philip Rivers, and someone Frank Reich can develop and won’t need to play right away. Seems like a good decision and still getting value for Indy. A- for the pick. Morgan can flat spin it and wasn’t really tested in C-USA, but he’ll make that Jets roster.

Eason was -335 to go ahead of Jake Fromm... and then Morgan goes ahead of Fromm too. Eason also had a 120.5 over/under coming into today, and the over gets there by 1.5 picks.

My neighbors still using gas-powered leaf blowers at almost 1 p.m. on a Saturday? During a quarantine when everyone is trapped at home anyway? Also, you now have time to rake... don’t annoy your teammates and take shortcuts. Selfish decision. D-.

12:49 p.m.
#120 Jets: La’Mical Perine, RB, Florida
#119 Falcons: Mykal Walker, LB, Fresno State
#118 Broncos: Albert Okwuegbunam, TE, Mizzou
#117 Vikings: DJ Wonnum, DE, South Carolina

Excellent lunch choice for Big Red, but he took the fries out of the bag! The key to a Five Guys lunch is to leave the fries in the bag so they stay warm, because they give you so many there’s zero chance you can eat them before they get cold. Lotta talent here, but decision-making needs to improve. C+.

(Also Perine is a stud and the Jets got a steal at #120).

12:35 p.m.
#116 Jaguars: Ben Bartch, OT, St. John’s (MN)
#115 Browns: Harrison Bryant, TE, FAU
#114 Cardinals: Leki Fotu, DT, Utah
#113 Panthers: Troy Pride, DB, Notre Dame

Fotu played for the US National Junior Rugby Team! That’s a tough dude, A+ pick. Also low key: Bryant really can play, he’s going to make an impact at this level.

Trey Wingo’s jacket? B. Trey Wingo’s level of sleep from last night? D-. He seems on edge, and after three straight days of what we’re sure is non-stop 18-hour days, we can’t say we blame him.

And Bartch? Played for that legendary St. John’s Johnnies D3 program that has won four national titles. But his smoothie every morning to gain almost 60 pounds while in college?

For weight gain purposes? A. For taste? F-. That’s pretty gross. Get him a personal chef ASAP!

12:27 p.m.
#112 Joshua Kelly: RB, UCLA
#111 Dolphins: Solomon Kindley, G, Georgia
#110 Giants: Darnay Holmes, CB, UCLA

John Gruden has a white board with lots of names, and it was just all over national tv. Putting your board in camera shot... if it’s your real board, F. If it’s a dupe to try and throw everyone else off the scent? A+ work, Gru-dog. Get yourself some Hooters wings to celebrate.

#109 Raiders: John Simpson, G, Clemson

12:18 p.m.
#108 Washington: Saahdiq Charles, T, LSU

Trade! Trent Williams to the 49ers for a third round pick next year, and a fifth rounder today. That’s a HUGE pickup for a team who needs an OT. Williams is one of the best in the business. An A+ addition to the NFC Champs.

#107 Bengals: Akeem Davis Gaither, OLB, App State.

12:07 p.m. Roger Goodell’s quarterzip? B+. Nice look, quality construction, matches his eyes. But whatever that shirt is underneath it? F! Is that a collared shirt? A polo?? What are we going for here?? Did someone read his kid’s American Apparel catalog and get ideas that aren’t appropriate for a sexagenarian.

11:59 a.m. “Hello, friends” in our best Jim Nantz impression. Today is going to be a bit weird! We’ll be covering the draft, but grading everything we can. I just had an iced coffee: It had some basics down and did the job, but didn’t really provide the burst I was seeking. C+, needs to work on explosiveness.

But Trey Wingo has recovered from last night, Panic At The Disco is playing during a drone flyover of the ESPN campus (the ultimate C- band) , so let’s football!

Welcome back to our live coverage of Day 3 of the 2020 NFL Draft. We’ll be here for all the picks this afternoon from noon to 7 p.m. ET. The fourth round of the 2020 NFL Draft gets underway at noon ET on ABC, ESPN, and NFL Network, with streaming on Watch ESPN.

Today is when the real diehards are sticking around. There are still some notable names to keep an eye on, with quarterbacks Jacob Eason and Jake Fromm front and center. We’ll be tracking the afternoon of picks, but for a full rundown of every single pick, keep an eye on our picks tracker. We’ll offer some grades, some fantasy and odds analysis, and some random commentary if we end up with another live shot of Bill Belichick’s dog.

We graded all of the picks in the first three rounds, but for today, we’re trying something different. We’ll offer some serious grades, but we’re also going to mix in some random grades. Maybe we grade the food delivery we get. Maybe we grade the outfit a given GM or head coach is wearing on this final day.

The plan is to grade anything really that comes to mind. Key players will be added to rosters all day today, but a decent number of names are going to be players only diehards will have details on. We love betting on football and playing fantasy football, but the minutiae is out in full force on day 3 of the NFL Draft.

That being said, if you’ve got a strong take on a pick, don’t hesitate to jump in the comments if you’re following along at home!