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Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning defeat Phil Mickelson, Tom Brady 1-up

After being 3-down after the first nine, Phil and TB12 almost crawled back into it during the modified-alternate shot back nine. But Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning held on to win The Match: Champions for Charity

Place markers for Tiger Woods and former NFL player Peyton Manning are displayed on the range prior to The Match: Champions For Charity at Medalist Golf Club on May 24, 2020 in Hobe Sound, Florida. Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images for The Match

UPDATE 8:18 p.m.: It took everything Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning had to hold off Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady, but the favorites were 1-up winners at The Match: Champions for Charity exhibition at The Medalist in Hobe Sound, Florida today.

Woods and Manning were 3-up at the turn, but when the format shifted from four-ball to modified alternate shot, Mickelson and Brady were able to crawl their way back into contention. Hole wins at #11 and #14 brought them within one more win of a sudden death playoff, but it was not to be as Tiger and Peyton played consistent par golf down the last four holes to get to the clubhouse with a win.

Over $20 million was raised by the event for Covid-19 charities, so no matter the winner the event was a huge success. And if social media is any indication, the ratings were likely massive as well.

The Match: Champions for Charity 2020 is all set from The Medalist in Hobe Sound, Florida. Tiger Woods is teaming up with Peyton Manning to face off against Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady in an 18-hole matchup. At least $10 million will be raised for Covid-19 relief, and likely much more to be added during the match.

The match was scheduled for 3 p.m. on Sunday, May 24th, but Mother Nature had other plans. Rain delayed the start until 3:45. The match is airing on TNT, TBS, truTV, HLN, and probably other stations we don’t even know about. But it’s going to be one of the most-watched golf events of the year, and for a sport-starved country a nice chance to enjoy some of the best playing the game in an entertaining format.

We also got the inside skinny on the exclusive course from someone that’s played it hundreds of times. They were kind enough to share their insights, so keep these in mind on what will be a soggy track today. We’ll keep the live results here.

Hole-by-hole results - Preview from our ringer for holes not completed yet

#1: Par 4 — Halved

Woods was the only one of the four to reach the fairway on his tee shot, but Mickelson had a solid second shot to get on the green. Manning drove one nearly out of bounds, while Brady was the shortest tee shot on the first hole.

#2: Par 4 — Halved

Woods and Manning reached the green in regulation, but were deep enough that they had to two-putt for par. Mickelson chipped on near the hole on his third shot to force the tie. Brady continues to offer hope for weekend warriors on the golf course.

#3: Par 5 — Woods/Manning 1 up

This hole included a long drive challenge for Woods and Mickelson to raise $250,000 for charity. They agreed to add another $1.5 million at the hole. It required the player reach the fairway on the drive, and Tiger won after Mickelson hit it well off the fairway.

Woods birdied the hole, while Mickelson needed 4 shots just to get on the green.

#4: Par 3 — Woods/Manning 2 up

This hole included a nearest to the pin challenge. $125,000 went to charity regardless, and then $250,000 for getting within five feet, $500,00 for getting within two feet, and $1 million for getting to within a foot. Charles Barkley also offered $50,000 if Brady could hit the green.

Woods and Manning reached the green on their tee shot, but both came up long on the challenge. Woods was closest at just over eight feet away from the hole. Mickelson and Brady missed the green and it cost them the hole.

#5: Par 4 — Halved, Woods/Manning 2 up

This was the one-club challenge hole, with the hole winner picking up $250,000 for charity. Tiger Woods had a shot to get the win on a short putt, but it popped out and the hole was halved. Woods used a 4-iron, Mickelson used a 6-iron, and Brady and Manning used long-irons as well.

#6: Par 4 — Woods/Manning 3 up

Manning got the win for his team, this hole, getting a net birdie.

#7: Par 5 — Halved, Woods/Manning 3 up

Brady had the shot of the day so far as he holed out from the fairway, but Woods had a great approach and almost won it with an eagle. The putt lipped out and he settled for halving it. Brooks Koepka pledged to donate $100,000 if Brady could par a hole on the front nine, so that cashed in.

#8: Par 3 — Halved, Woods/Manning 3 up

This was a hole-in-one challenge for $25 million, but there were no aces. Mickelson got a birdie, but Manning sunk a par putt on a hole in which Manning got a stroke.

#9: Par 4 — Halved, Woods/Manning 3 up

Woods struggled, failing to hit the fairway on his drive, but he made a solid shot out of the bunker to save the tie on the final hole of the best ball format.

#10: Par 4 — Halved, Woods/Manning 3 up

This is the first hole of the modified alternate shot. Brady drives well, so Mickelson follows from there, while Woods continues his strong driving play, and Manning gets the follow-up on the fringe of the green.

#11: Par 4 — Woods/Manning 2 up

Mickelson with a big drive to the fringe of the green, followed by Brady knocking in the eagle putt for the win.

#12: Par 3 — Halved, Woods/Manning 2 up

The pros got close tee shots on the green, but both QBs missed their birdie putts and Woods and Manning remaining 2 up.

#13: Par 5 — Halved, Woods/Manning 2 up

This one was played in a monsoon. Both teams were within 10 feet laying four, but the QB’s missed the putts yet again. It’s halved, and Phil and Tom are running out of chances to draw even.

#14: Par 4 — Woods/Manning 1 up

Peyton Manning was left what seemed to be inside a club length for par, but in a monsoon Phil and Tom made him putt it. He lipped it out, and the severe underdogs at the turn are now just one back with four to play.

#15: Par 4 — Halved, Woods/Manning 1 up

Both teams forced to scramble on the long Par 4, but a clutch putt by Mickelson that had some break in it with the rain pouring down keeps them in it. It’s still a match with three to play.

#16: Par 3 — Halved, Woods/Manning 1 up

This was a Hole-in-One Challenge for $25 million, and three guys gave it a legit run. Peyton hit it from the tee inside the leather, and Phil made the putt from Tom’s shot that was about six feet away. By far the most impressive hole of the day by the four golfers.

#17: Par 5 — Halved, Woods/Manning 1 up

They both used the tee balls from the pros, which meant after a couple of layups in the fairway, the birdie putts went to the quarterbacks. They both missed, Phil admitted he gave Brady a bad line on a 30ish-footer, and we’re going to 18 with TB12 and FIGJAM needing to win the hole.

#18: Par 4 — Halved, Woods/Manning win 1 up

Brady’s second left Phil needing to drain it from off the green, but he came up about three feet short with his chip, and that was enough to let Tiger knock it close enough to win the match.