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Bryson DeChambeau has gotten big in a hurry

Bryson DeChambeau wanted to get big, and boy has he.

Bryson DeChambeau

The suspension of sports this spring has provided athletes one of two opportunities. They can kick back, not worry, and maybe put on a few extra pounds, or they can go the route of golfer Bryson DeChambeau.

DeChambeau was already a solidly built golfer, but last October he said he wanted to start getting bigger for 2020. We started to see the changes later in the month, and in his return to the PGA Tour on Thursday, we reeeeeeally saw the changes.

DeChambeau teed off at 8:45 a.m. on Thursday at the Charles Schwab Challenge. He is one of the featured groups of the day, playing with Dustin Johnson and Justin Rose. As a featured group, we’re going to see a lot of him on Thursday and Friday.

In late April, DeChambeau said, “I’m going to come back next year and look like a different person,” he said. “You’re going to see some pretty big changes in my body, which is going to be a good thing. Going to be hitting it a lot further.”

It’s early in the first tournament back and he’s sitting at par through the first three holes. We’ll see how his strategy plays out! Maybe he can follow in the path of the NC Dinos Swole Daddy.