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Welcome to DraftKings Nation!

DraftKings Playbook is migrating to DK Nation. Here’s what it means for you, the reader.

Welcome to DraftKings Nation! Whether you’re a regular reader or new to the site, change is afoot. DraftKings is migrating its Playbook content to the site, which will provide DK Nation with the deeper insights and analysis for DFS, traditional fantasy sports, and betting that advanced players demand.

What is DK Nation?

DK Nation was designed to offer a more extensive view of sports than traditional deep-dive analysis found at Playbook. You’ll find analysis, position rankings, and other familiar strategic tools, but you will also find breaking news and instant reactions. Whether it’s injury news, a suspension, or the latest news about a sport’s restart plan during the COVID-19 pandemic, DK Nation takes a step back from roster crunching, and provides a holistic view of sports.

  • Wondering what the latest injury status is for key MLB players with spring training getting started on July 1? We have a look at the key players who were scheduled to miss Opening Day but now are expected to be available.
  • Want to place a bet on the Rocket Mortgage Classic, but do not know who has the best odds? We’ve got a full rundown of the field heading into this week’s tournament.
  • Curious how a rookie is moving up the depth chart in training camp? We’ll have the most up-to-date news along with analysis as to how preseason action is impacting camp rosters.
  • Were you wondering who the first player ejected from an XFL game was? We had you covered with the news AND video. It might not impact fantasy and betting, but it’s part of the curiosity factor of a one-time brand new league (RIP XFL).
  • Simply wondering how to begin playing DFS? We’ve got a beginner level introduction to playing any sports, including football, baseball and basketball.

What is Playbook?

Playbook exists to take your game to the next level. It provides in-depth analysis on daily and traditional fantasy, as well as sports betting for fans that want more skin in the game. You not only know how to play, but you’ve built up your experience and knowledge to an intermediate or advanced level.

Playbook will offer regular DFS analysis across a broad range of sports, and will help you figure out how to make your bets and picks day-in and day-out. We’re not here to serve as touts, but aim to provide analysis and insight to help you improve your skills as a sports bettor and fantasy player.

What sports do we cover?

We’ll be covering just about everything. NFL, NBA, MLB, MMA and golf will receive the lion’s share of our focus, but we will continue to provide basic and advanced level insight into college football and basketball, NHL, NASCAR, WNBA, tennis, soccer and esports. We will continue covering these from both fantasy and betting perspectives, although college football and basketball will remain strictly focused on the betting side of the sport.

Of late, the pandemic has provided a chance to dive into Korean and Japanese baseball, esports such as CS:GO, Rocket League, and Call of Duty, and even Madden football and 2K basketball simulations. We will continue providing insight and lineup strategy for those even as the larger sports leagues return to action.