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Intermediate NHL DFS: Points

We continue our breakdown of intermediate NHL DFS. In this section, we look at goals and assists, with definitions and some strategy.

Tampa Bay Lightning right wing Nikita Kucherov skates with the puck against the Calgary Flames during the second period at Amalie Arena. Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In daily fantasy hockey, like in most things, getting the fundamentals down is integral toward laying a foundation of knowledge to build from as you progress as a player. We go over points, with a definition and how to approach using them in everyday strategy.



Whenever a player scores a goal or tallies an assist, that is considered a point. Points are the best source of fantasy scoring in NHL DFS for both forwards and defensemen.


One could argue that point chasing in NHL DFS is the best way to construct a lineup. Obviously, with points providing the most fantasy points in NHL DFS, the more we get the better off our lineup is. We can use a number of factors to try and target players who have the best shot at accumulating points on a given slate.

Goals vs. Assists

In DraftKings scoring, goals are worth 8.5 fantasy points while assists are worth 5.0 fantasy points. So which is better to target? Things are definitely different after the scoring change since we can better weigh assists against goals. It’s really whether we want to target a pure goal-scorer or a proven play-maker. The upside of targeting a goal-scorer is usually they accumulate a higher amount of shots on goal, which means more scoring. Play-makers are generally going to be involved in the offense, but as distributors. Still, somebody who dishes out assists at a high clip can have more value in certain spots over a guy who finds the back of the net frequently.

Ultimately, you want to look at stats that average both statistics together to find the player that has the best chance of putting up a high point total. Points percentage, Points/60 and other advanced stats are going to be useful in figuring out which players to target for your lineup.