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Fantasy football hype train of the day: Allen Lazard

Allen Lazard’s hype train has come in. Should you get on board for the 2020 fantasy football season?

Allen Lazard #13 of the Green Bay Packers looks on during the NFC Championship game against the San Francisco 49ers at Levi’s Stadium on January 19, 2020 in Santa Clara, California Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

We are officially now in the hype season, or as we call it, NFL training camp. This is a time where you will hear plenty of praise for players from coaches, teammates and beat reporters. Maybe it’s a simple as someone slimming down and adding muscle or a receiver got contact lenses finally or last season a player’s shoes were too tight, but now they’re nice and comfy. Whatever the hype, as fantasy players, we hear it as affirmation about a player we like or hollow praise about a player we don’t like.

Throughout camp we’ll keep an eye out for the hyped player of the day and see if the praise is something we should take notice of or disregard. For today, that player is Packers wide receiver Allen Lazard.

Last season Lazard broke through the bottom of the depth chart to become the No. 2 target from Week 6 on. It was a strong showing for an undrafted free agent rookie who signed with the Jaguars in 2018 and ended up landing on the Packers practice squad and barely making the cut for 2019.

But now in the year 2020, Lazard is walking into camp as a starter after the team declined to draft a wide receiver and offseason acquisition Devin Funchess opted out of the season. And today on Twitter, the hype train started rolling.

The hype

Is the hype real?

Last season, Lazard put up 35 receptions on 52 targets for 447 yards and three touchdowns after seeing his first targets in Week 6. Opportunity is king and for the Packers, there is plenty of opportunity up for grabs after Davante Adams gets his big piece of the pie.

We will most likely see Lazard’s ADP rise as the hype builds, but at the moment, he is being drafted as the 66th wide receiver off the board in half-PPR leagues. He isn’t guaranteed that No. 2 spot, but he had it to end last season and I don’t see him relinquishing it without an injury.

Is the hype too much?

Lazard will have Adams, Aaron Jones and likely TE Jace Sternberger to compete with, but at his current ADP there’s little doubt he is worth grabbing in drafts. His upside is still an unknown, as the Packers are heavily invested in running the ball and might not throw enough for Lazard to be a difference maker. But, Rodgers is still a good to great quarterback and needs to find a playmaker to target other than Adams.