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Dak Prescott takes hit to head in Week 2, leaves for two plays and returns

The Cowboys were holding their breath, but Dak Prescott is good to go.

Atlanta Falcons v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Week 5 update: This injury is not Dak Prescott’s ankle injury in Week 5. You can ready more about that injury here.

Final update: Prescott was plenty fine. He ended up rushing for three touchdowns in the game.

UPDATE: Prescott returned after missing two plays and runs the quarterback sneak for a touchdown. All is well in Big D.

UPDATE: Prescott went into the medical tent and has since left the tent and gotten his helmet back. This indicates he’ll be good to return to the game.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has left the team’s Week 2 game with the Atlanta Falcons after taking a big hit. The play was ruled roughing the quarterback and the trainers immediately came out to look at him. Andy Dalton replaced Prescott. Ezekiel Elliott came on two plays later to set up goal to go inside the 1 after a touchdown was reversed on instant replay.