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Clint Bowyer hates Zoom meetings

NASCAR drivers, they’re just like us.

In this photo illustration a Zoom Video logo seen displayed on a smartphone. Photo Illustration by Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

The Covid-19 pandemic has moved office workers to the remote realm, and has resulted in an explosion of video meetings. Zoom and other products were already used extensively to host video meetings, but the pandemic has most every office moving to video-conferencing on a daily basis.

Workers can get frustrated with technology, and Zoom has been no different. But it turns out frustrations with Zoom are not just for office workers. NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer recently conducted a video-conference and he made it very clear he is not a fan of Zoom meetings.

I don’t know that I hate Zoom meetings quite to the extent Bowyer does, but I get the frustration. The need for people to mute on larger meetings has been a long-running issue. My bosses recently had a large Zoom meeting where a participant dropped an f-bomb about something unrelated because they thought they were muted. Given the volume of meetings, it’s inevitable at this point that everyone at some point is going to do something they regret on a Zoom meeting.

And so for now, we can just say, NASCAR drivers, they’re just like us!