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D/ST rankings for Week 1 fantasy football

We take you through some of the best D/STs going in Week 1 for fantasy football, including a few viable streamers.

 Stephon Gilmore #24 of the New England Patriots tackles DeVante Parker #11 of the Miami Dolphins during the game at Gillette Stadium on November 26, 2017 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Football is back! Right? Yeah, it is! And we’re back with weekly fantasy football rankings. With no preseason games and limited, to no fans, in the stadiums, it will likely take these teams a little while to get to top performance. The good news is, we’ve all watched a lot of bad football in our days and somehow managed not to gouge our own eyes out. Oh, and great players make great plays and we’ll see those as well.

Defenses might have an advantage early on, as they can take advantage of offensive lines that haven’t had a lot of time together. We will likely see some offensive lines get better as rookies get coached up and new lineman get on the same page. Of course, teams like the Saints and Chiefs should have an advantage early on, as they have good continuity from last season.

Teams like the Bengals, Dolphins, Cardinals, Giants, Jets, Washington and Chargers will get better, but Week 1 isn’t the time to rely on them. The Bills, Steelers, Eagles and 49ers will have a distinct advantage up front this week.

Streaming D/ST

Indianapolis Colts

I think Gardner Minshew can put up some fantasy points, but his offense sets up well for opposing defenses. The Jaguars have a defense that is weak across the board, which is going to force Minshew to do more than his team is likely capable of in the passing game. That should set the Colts up to grab a few turnovers this week.

D/ST rankings for Week 3

Rk Name Opp
Rk Name Opp
1 Denver Broncos vs NYJ
2 Pittsburgh Steelers vs CIN
3 Carolina Panthers @ HOU
4 Arizona Cardinals @ JAC
5 Baltimore Ravens @ DET
6 New England Patriots vs NO
7 Cleveland Browns vs CHI
8 Buffalo Bills vs WAS
9 New York Giants vs ATL
10 Tennessee Titans vs IND
11 Las Vegas Raiders vs MIA
12 New Orleans Saints @ NE
13 Chicago Bears @ CLE
14 Washington Football Team @ BUF
15 Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ LAR
16 Dallas Cowboys vs PHI
17 Green Bay Packers @ SF
18 Kansas City Chiefs vs LAC
19 Atlanta Falcons @ NYG
20 Miami Dolphins @ LV
21 San Francisco 49ers vs GB
22 Los Angeles Rams vs TB
23 Cincinnati Bengals @ PIT
24 Indianapolis Colts @ TEN
25 Seattle Seahawks @ MIN
26 New York Jets @ DEN
27 Philadelphia Eagles @ DAL
28 Minnesota Vikings vs SEA
29 Los Angeles Chargers @ KC
30 Jacksonville Jaguars vs ARI
31 Houston Texans vs CAR
32 Detroit Lions vs BAL