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Drew Brees’ daughter wrestled her brother while her dad chatted with Tom Brady

She clearly wants to be Cameron Jordan a whole lot more than Michael Thomas.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the New Orleans Saints on Sunday in the Divisional round, and it might have marked the end of Drew Brees’ career. Prior to the game, Jay Glazer reported Brees was set to retire at the close of this season.

Following the game after both players had changed and were set to leave the stadium, Brees and Bucs QB Tom Brady met on the field one last time. Brady threw a pass to one of Brees’ sons and Brees, his wife Brittany, and Brady chatted for a bit.

The Brady-to-Little Brees pass is getting chatter, but Brees’ daughter is the one we should be talking about. It would appear she would rather be defensive end Cameron Jordan — or a professional wrestler! — than wide receiver Michael Thomas. She was absolutely walloping on one of her brothers in the midst of some great technique on her cartwheels.

If she wants to be a defensive player, Drew will have to explain that referees might throw a flag for some of those moves.