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Chatting with Super Bowl LV Chief Operating Officer Claire Lessinger

Want to know where to go and what to do in Tampa for the Super Bowl? We went right to the source to find out everything that’s happening ahead of the game.

For the first time a team will be playing in their home stadium during the Super Bowl as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will make history. But what about for Kansas City Chiefs fans, media, and football followers across the world that are coming to Tampa for the biggest game of the year in the middle of a pandemic?

We went right to the source and asked Claire Lessinger, Chief Operating Officer of the Super Bowl LV Host Committee, for all the details about where to go and what to do in Tampa leading up to the game. With so much of the world changed by COVID-19, this year’s game might not have the normal glitz and glamour you’ll see at a regular Super Bowl, but there is still tons of fun to be had and plenty to see and do.

We discuss what will be happening in town despite the pandemic (it’s a good thing it’s warm in Florida since most everything will be outside), where to go and what to see, how to get tickets to the game, who will be the lucky vaccinated folks permitted to attend, and much more!

If you’re on the way to the 813, or thinking about making the trip, we hope this helps.

And here’s a map of what’s happening around town that is referenced in the video.