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Officials for 2021 College Football Playoff National Championship Game

You’ve broken down the College Football Playoff national championship at every angle. Almost. What about the referees?

Referee Brandon Cruse announces the result of a review of a pass by the Oklahoma State Cowboys where the ball was dropped in the end zone against the Texas Tech Red Raiders in the first quarter at Boone Pickens Stadium on November 28, 2020 in Stillwater, Oklahoma. OSU won 50-44. Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

As we get closer and closer to kickoff for Monday night’s College Football Playoff national championship game, DraftKings Nation has covered all of the information you need to know about betting on this game and broke down the most important players on the field. But what about the referees? Let’s take a look at those who will be officiating the matchup between the Alabama Crimson Tide and Ohio State Buckeyes.

The Crew

The crew for this game is coming from the Big 12 with Brandon Cruse as the referee. The group also consists of Marlow Fizgerald (umpire), George Gusman (head linesman), Derek Anderson (line judge), Scott Gaines (field judge), Fulton Carson (side judge), Donnie Aultman (back judge) and Dan Scanlan (center judge) with Tuta Salaam as an alternate.

Of this group, Gusman, Aultman and Gaines all worked in Cruse’s Big 12 crew this season. This is considered an all-star crew, and there’s a stunning lack of complaining about Cruse on Twitter when we searched. That’s a good sign for people wanting a game without controversy.