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Eric Ebron, Pat Freiermuth start or sit: Week 6 fantasy football advice

We go over the fantasy football outlook of Eric Ebron, Pat Freiermuth ahead of the Pittsburgh Steelers Week 6 matchup against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday Night Football.

Will Chase Claypool be the standout receiver on Sunday Night?

The tight end situation in Pittsburgh is tough because neither guy has really stepped up. I think we will see that throughout the season. One of the two might score a touchdown every few weeks but don't expect much else.

Fantasy Football analysis: Steelers TEs Eric Ebron, Pat Freiermuth

The two have combined for 137 yards and a touchdown this season. That is less than the number one tight end on a majority of the teams in the NFL. Ebron had a pretty good year last year in Pittsburgh but this season they just haven’t targeted him much at all. It would make sense if Freiermuth was getting the ball a ton, but he really isn't either.

Seattle has actually done a good job limiting the tight ends in the past few weeks. That is one of the only things they have done well defensively. However, I don't expect them to pay much attention to the Steelers tight ends this week because that isn’t where the success has been for Pittsburgh.

Fantasy Start/Sit Recommendation

In both season-long fantasy and DFS, both Ebron and Freiermuth should sit.