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What happened on Succession last week before Season 3, Episode 2 tonight?

It was a doozy of a season opener, picking up right where the show left off last two years ago.

Fisher Stevens attends the HBO’s “Succession” Season 3 Premiere at American Museum of Natural History on October 12, 2021 in New York City. Photo by Arturo Holmes/WireImage

Gather around the boardroom table and get prepared for tonight’s Episode 2 of the current Best Show On Television You Can’t Binge. A lot of bad people did bad things in the lid-lifter for Season 3 of Succession, and we’ll recap it here.

Episode 2: Mass in Time of War

It’s time to draw battle lines amongst the Roy children. At least for now.

While not saying anything to their father, all three of Kendall’s siblings show up at his ex-wife’s apartment to at least hear out what their brother has to say. While still under the guise of being loyal to their father Logan, they get the hard sell from Ken about what the company might be and what his plan is if he’s able to take control.

Shiv shows up first, followed shortly by Ronan, and then the oafish Connor last. At various points he seems to be getting close to convincing all of them to join the team. If the four children present a united front that their father isn’t fit to be CEO anymore, it’s likely he’s pushed out permanently.

But as the final teams are being drawn, and after consulting with their various consiglieres by phone (Shiv calls her husband Tom who is with Logan in his Sarajevo hotel, Roman calls his mother figure and Waystar’s interim CEO Gerri), a box of donuts from Logan Roy with a card shows up at Kendall’s interim headquarters. A reminder to Connor, Roman, and Shiv their father is omnipresent and always watching.

One by one, they leave after expressing they still align with their father. Eventually they all meet him at the private airport as he gets off the plane to show public loyalty as photographers track it all, while the last we see of Kendall is him debriefing his attorneys ahead of an expected subpoena from the feds for the documents he has regarding the cruiseline scandal.

Of all the episodes, this one gets into the sibling dynamics and motivations of being a Roy child more than most. And it also sets who is loyal to whom for the fight to control the company for the rest of the season. Here. We. Go.

Episode 1: Secession

We pick up with Kendall Roy leaving the press conference where he turned on his father and the plan to make him the scapegoat for the recent allegations of sexual harassment and more against Waystar Royco. Despite the wry smile from his father, both sides began to dig into what will be a fight for the future of the company.

As of now the other Roy children (Clueless Connor, Smart Shiv, Ridiculous Roman) are aligned with their father, following him to Sarajevo and parts unknown while devising a plan to stay in control. That plan even included a call to the White House to take the temperature of how the Department of Justice might react to the allegations.

Right now on Ken’s team from the family is just Cousin Greg, who is delightfully incompetent at even “media management” which consists of checking reactions to the turbulence on Twitter. But he does have free reign of his ex-wife Rava’s apartment as a base camp, even though he brought his new girlfriend there as well. And he secured the services of noted women’s rights attorney Lisa Arthur, despite overtures from her “friend” Shiv about working for the other side.

But Logan does agree to step aside as CEO, albeit temporarily, and allows his longtime in-house counsel Gerri to take the role. We’ll see if she’s still the highest-paid temp in American media by the end of this week’s episode.